WeRecoverData.com Assists in Data Recovery Services from Storm Damage

New York, NY, August 07, 2014 --(PR.com)-- WeRecoverData.com assists victims of tornado and storm damage during the summer of 2014 with free evaluations and discounts in guaranteed data recovery services.

Damage due to power outages, floods, storm damage, including tornado damage, have affected thousands in the Midwest and Eastern United States during the summer of 2014. Iowa, Tennessee, Boston, Detroit, and Chicago are just a few of the places affected by severe storms and tornado damage. While many may be tempted to write off data loss from storm damage as a matter of course, WeRecoverData.com specializes in recovering data that is lost as a result of any type of damage, including flooding, fire, physical damage, power surges and outages, or any other type of storm or tornado damage. WeRecoverData.com data recovery services, including hard drive recovery service, leads to complete, rapid data restoration for WeRecoverData.com clients.

WeRecoverData.com will provide a free evaluation, in addition to providing a 20% discount on guaranteed data recovery services for storm damage victims—WeRecoverData.com does not charge unless it actually recovers the critical lost data.

More than loss of material possessions, it is the intangibles that affect storm and tornado damage victims the most. Data loss is one of those intangibles, which is why the skills acquired by WeRecoverData.com in recovering lost digital data, including hard drive recovery service for businesses, institutions, and individuals, is invaluable in the wake of damaging storms.

WeRecoverData.com’s highly skilled staff of engineers and technicians provide 24/7 data recovery services with rapid turnaround times.

Typical turnaround times for data recovery:

• In-lab standard recovery - 5-7 business days
• In-lab priority recovery - 1-3 business days
• In-lab priority weekend recovery - 1-3 days
• In-lab emergency recovery - 24/7/365 - 12-24 hours
• Remote emergency recovery - 24/7/365 - 24 hours
• On-site emergency recovery - on client's premises - worldwide - 24 hours

*Approximate complete turnaround times are based on an average complexity and may vary with unique situations.

Never assume that data cannot be recovered; WeRecoverData.com recovers data from damage due to flood, water, fire, or hurricane and tornado damage, retrieves and restores corrupted files or deleted and reformatted files, as well as files lost due to power spikes or power failure. Remote, on-site, and 24/7 emergency services are provided.

To learn more, visit www.werecoverdata.com.

About WeRecoverData.com
WeRecoverData.com is based in New York City and is a world leader in data recovery services. It is one of the only data recovery service corporations that also invest heavily in data recovery research and development. WeRecoverData.com services individuals and businesses of all sizes and types including from mom and pop stores to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, the military, health sector, and educational institutions. WeRecoverData.com data recovery services labs are located in North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. WeRecoverData.com is a privately held corporation that guarantees all of its services: if WeRecoverData.com does not succeed in re-acquiring lost critical data, no recovery fees are charged.

For more information, please visit: www.WeRecoverData.com.
Christopher Taylor