Murphy Plastic Surgery Helping Patients Save for Their Breast Augmentation Costs with New Layaway Service

Reno, Nevada-based cosmetic surgery experts, Murphy Plastic Surgery have recently introduced a new way to help patients save for the costs of surgeries such as a breast augmentation.

Reno, NV, August 08, 2014 --( Through the organization’s new layaway payment option, they will set-up a special financing account for the patient. Patients are then able to make payment as they’re according to their schedule while Murphy Plastic Surgery holds their money safely until the final cost has been paid. It’s a complete financing solution to ensure patients across Nevada achieve top level expert-level plastic surgery.

One of the largest roadblocks to achieving quality cosmetic care is affordability. For many Americans, the cost of surgeries such as a breast augmentation is simply too expensive to afford with their current budget. And one of the challenges they face is that few cosmetic specialists offer the requisite financing to help them pay for their treatments. Now, however, the team at Murphy Plastic Surgery is offering their patients an affordable method for paying for the latest treatments.

The Murphy Plastic Surgery Lay-Away service is designed for those who would like to undergo the latest surgeries in the future but don’t currently have the available financial resources. It’s a process through which the company’s specialists will set-up a special account for the patient, which the patient will then pay into as they make payments to the company. Once the final cost of the surgery is paid through the Lay-Away account, the Murphy Plastic Surgery team will schedule the patient’s appointment. The company also now works with several financing companies to help ensure that patients are able to pay off their procedures while limiting their debt-load. For example, Murphy Plastic Surgery has a working relationship with CareCredit, a company that allows patients to pay for their procedures through several low monthly payment options. It’s a financing solution that limits up-front costs and contract fees.

To learn more on the full suite of financing options available through Murphy Plastic Surgery, please contact their offices in Reno, Nevada directly or visit
Tracy Murphy