Out of the Box Delivers "Pairings" to Your Door

"Pairings" joins forces with Out of the Box Collective and The Bruery to bring you the flavors from its award winning series to your home.

Los Angeles, CA, August 08, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Characters in Pairings cook delicious plates of food during opening credits and then some.

"You have always been able to get the recipes from the show on (the Pairings home page.)," says Ed Robinson, co-creator of Pairings. Now, thanks to the food delivery company, Out of the Box Collective, you can take that one step further. “You can have a box of all of the ingredients you need to make up to five of our recipes delivered right to your door,” he adds.

Real Food Boxes are farm-to-table set boxes that includes selections from all the food groups. “Our delivery service and meal plans insure that you’ll spend less time shopping and more time enjoying both your food and family,” says Clarissa Wei, publicist of Out of the Box. And enjoying food, family and friends is exactly what Pairings is about.

Out of the Box Collective is selling Pairings-themed Real Food boxes starting August 12 @ Noon to August 19 @ Noon. The boxes will be delivered to doorsteps on August 25 and August 26. It will come with the following five recipes, as seen on the Pairings webseries:

- Stout Braised Lamb Shanks
- Chicken Milanese
- Candied Bacon + Star Trek Egg-In-A-Hole
- Mushroom Risotto
- Bruschetta

You can also wash every bite down with hand crafted beer from Pairings sponsor, The Bruery, a premiere California brewery. “They are one of my favorite breweries in the world and are a great fit with the story of Alan and Drew’s dream to take their home brewing to the next level,” says Robinson.

After great success with their first season, executive producers and co-creators Robinson and Jodie Younse, are back to finish the story of Alan Wallace, an awkward geek who discovers that his cooking talents make him more appealing to the opposite sex.

Pairings second season is about all of the talented cast, which includes returning characters Addie (Shannon Nelson), Steve (David Nett), Drew (Rick Robinson) and Thomas (Paul Yen) and introduces a few new faces, Jo (Paula Rhodes), Kim (Sarah Orr), and Roy (Eddie Kaulukukui.)

“We were also so excited to have Richard Hatch (Battlestar Gallactica) guest star as an uncle figure to the Wallace family. It was fun watching Rick [Robinson] (Ed Robinson’s brother and Pairings Director.) He was a big BSG fan growing up and couldn’t quite believe he was directing Captain Apollo.”

“The coolest part is just being able to make [Pairings season two]. We were able to do it with fan support and being a part of the [web series] community.” Younse admits, “I think it really proves something to be able to do a second season.”

If you are a board game playing, beer loving, food-centric type of person Pairings is the show for you.

Watch Pairings at PairingsTheSeries.com.

Buy the box:
For 1 to 3 people http://outoftheboxcollective.com/c-209-1-3-people.html
For 3 to 5 people http://outoftheboxcollective.com/c-211-3-5-people.html

The Pairings Box will include bacon, skinless chicken breast, lamb shanks, eggs, orange juice, butter, lotus carnaroli, almonds, whole wheat bread, beef broth, parmesan, garlic, carrots, sweet potatoes. green onions, onions, tomatoes, portobello mushroom, white button mushrooms, leeks, celery ribs, cucumbers, salad mix, basil leaves, bay leaf, rosemary, thyme, red grapes, lemon, blueberries, peaches, pluots, and nectarines.
Siobhan Doherty