Renatus Names the Winner of Its First Gaming Beauty Contest on Facebook

In July, a unique beauty contest has been conducted across Facebook game communities. Renatus, the publisher known for launching over 30 titles, set up voting for the prettiest female game character.

Palo Alto, CA, August 09, 2014 --( One summer day, the Renatus team was struck by a brilliant idea. The game publishing company strived to organize something huge for its games’ fans, something to attract thousands of gamers across game communities. Beauty contest was that idea.

Having picked out 8 of the most beautiful females out of its games, Renatus Media opened the voting for Miss Renatus Games on Facebook. Diana, a fiery-haired brave woman archer from “Brave Tales,” got the majority of fans’ votes. Winning the hearts of players with her stunning appearance and сharisma, she won the Renatus Games Beauty Contest leaving all opponents far behind.

That was a debut, and it ran pretty much like the real-life beauty pageants: several rounds, tough competition, questions & answers, and a huge panel of judges from all over the world.

All Facebook users were free to vote on any of Renatus Games app pages from July 1 to July 31. In those days, the publisher’s team managed to engage 12K players, and the winner was announced on August 1.

It wasn’t easy to pick one - with the offered range of nominees, everyone would be spoilt for choice. The organizers selected eight girls, all different and beautiful in their own way. And the predictions of who would win the Miss Renatus Games title varied much.

Some believed that the crown would eventually rest upon the head of either Sophy, the adventurous girl, or fearless Hell Girl seeking justice in the anti-utopian reality of tomorrow. Others prophesied the triumph of one of the cutest ones: Frog Princess from Bubble Magic 3D (iOS), Jenny time-travelling in search of her grandpa, or Julie, a charming chef from Bubble Cooking (iOS, Facebook, Android). And the male half, of course, put their bets on the most seductive females - the casino blondie Alice and “the daughter of the fields” Gabi. But Diana won by a landslide.

Right now, in this moment the Renatus team is working hard to invent a new, even more entertaining treat for their players. Perhaps, that would be a male beauty contest, however, everything suggests that the publisher would come up with some entirely fresh, out-of-the-box idea.

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