Petlane Pet Advisors Help Pet Parents Solve Problems

Every year, millions of pets end up in shelters because of undesirable behaviors they exhibit. Petlane Pet Advisors can help pet parents choose products that will help curb these behaviors while still using the animals' natural instincts.

Los Angeles, CA, October 25, 2007 --( An army of pet advisors go into homes across the U.S. to educate pet parents on caring for their furry--and feathered--family members. While it sounds scary and daunting, Petlane pet advisors do it in a fun, light-hearted way. As a matter of fact, it's so fun, they call the presentation a "pawty."

"Petlane offers toys, treats, grooming and health and safety items for dogs, cats and birds. But they really offer much more than that," said Belinda Hoosech, a Petlane pet advisor in the Los Angeles area. "Petlane offers solutions to problems."

For example, if your dog is eating your sofa while you're gone at work, Hoosech said it's a good guess that "he's bored...not hungry."

"So the challenge is to find a toy or activity that will interest him--keep him busy and keep his mind off your sofa," she said, adding, "We also carry a great product that you can spray on items you don't want chewed--furniture, plants, your hands--it's significantly more bitter than bitter apple."

So now that you've got Fido's mind on something else, what if Fluffy has decided to shred up the end of the sofa that Fido didn't eat?

"Oh, we have a few different products that will keep her claws off the furniture and in a more appropriate place. And we have some toys that tap into kitty's natural instincts, encouraging her to hide, pounce and bat at things," Hoosech said.

Petlane carries a wide range of products that will take your pet from the first days in your home through the time when you want to honor his memory. From the "oops" products that new arrivals require to memorial stones for your garden--and items for all the years of companionship in between--Petlane has products and tips to ensure you and your companion animals lead long and happy lives together.

One of the newest additions to Petlane's product offerings is a line of non-toxic household cleaners.

"Cancer is occuring in pets at an alarming rate--especially in cats," Hoosech said. "Cats--who are likely to use your kitchen counter as their own personal freeway--use their front paws for grooming. If you've sprayed a chemical cleaner on your counter, or used one on your floor, the pet is ingesting any residue it picked up. Would you lick your hand after you sprayed it with your floor cleaner?"

She added that sometimes a product is not for the comfort or welfare of the animal, but of the pet owner.

"My dog, Jake, is a shepard/lab mix--breeds that love swimming and getting wet. However," she continued, "when it's raining and I walk Jake, that's a whole lot of wet, double-coated dog to towel off. Enter Petlane's exclusive 'Ruff Weather Coat'--a fleece-lined, waterproof cover. That means less wet dog for me to dry...or smell."

The pet food scare earlier this year and subsequent pet food recalls have people really concerned about what they are feeding their companion animals. Petlane's Pure Woof and Pure Purr holistic pet foods--and the ingredients in the formulations--have not been involved in the recall at all.

"Your pet is what he eats. Petfood is one area that I strongly recommend buying the best that you can afford," she said. "The foods contain no by-products, and the proteins are sourced from facilities that provide meat for human consumption. The proteins are rich and highly digestible because all the water has been removed. The natural, holistic chicken and pork is both hormone and antibiotic free, the grains are pesticide free and the garden ingredients--apples, carrots, peas, yucca, flaxseed--are also human grade. Heck, in a pinch, YOU could eat this."

In addition to safe, fun and many exclusive products for pets, Petlane offers people an opportunity to start a business in the $41 billion a year pet industry. For less than $300.

"For me, I love being able to help pets and their people live happier, healthier lives. I love when I'm at a pawty and guests are sharing pictures of their pets or I meet someone while I am in line at the grocery store and they share a story about their companion animal," she said. "There aren't too many businesses like this--people love talking about their pets as much as they love talking about their kids. For many people, pets have replaced kids--either the kids have grown and moved away or people are waiting to start their families. Pets offer us unconditional love--something that most people unfortunately are short on these days. I think that's why we 'spoil' them and want the best for them--we want to keep them around for as long as we can."

Petlane was founded in 2003 by Discovery Toys founder Lane Nemeth. Petlane headquarters are in Concord, Calif. Currently there are about 750 active pet advisors in the U.S.

For more information about Petlane or its products, contact Belinda
Hoosech at 310/221-0066 or or visit her website at

Belinda Hoosech