The Game of Legends - An Exciting Kickstarter Project

Have you ever wondered why most students never learn basic financial knowledge at school? And why is it mostly no fun at all to learn anything at school? We don't think about it often, but most teenagers have no idea about basic things regarding stock markets, investments, or setting up a business.

New York, NY, August 10, 2014 --( Neither did the creators of The Game of Legends, an interesting new Kickstarter project, a unique real-player boardgame. Until the day when Tamas, co-founder of the game, travelled home for Christmas to spend the holidays his family. His little brother was struggling with a school project about the New York Stock Exchange, which he didn't understand at all. As Tamas studied business in Johannesburg at that time, it kind of shocked him to see how teenagers are taught nothing that's related to finances. They loved playing games, as any other teenager, so Tamas decided to help his brother understand how the stock market works through an example from the gamers' world. It was an interesting experiment and then came the idea - with this strategy, he could help lots and lots of people around the world. What made this so efficient was the fact that since they were actually playing, they enjoyed it - they enjoyed learning. After years of planning and developing, The Game of Legends was born. What makes this concept special is the fact that it places those financial lessons into a mysterious world full of classic RPG-style characters and stories. Players actually play a real-player boardgame which requires them to think - and of course, to improve their characters, fight various enemies, and buy weapons, shields, etc. And this is where it gets kind of tricky - players have to make good investments, see the difference between good ones and bad ones - otherwise they won't be able to buy products that are necessary to improve their characters. If they don't pay attention to this area or they make bad deals, they will eventually fail. Each and every situation is embedded into the story of the game which the creators made less dark that usual RPG's to make it attractive to parents as well - if your children will play something anyway, why wouldn't it be a game they enjoy and learn valuable lessons from? And while all this is true, it is still an awesome game that's lots of fun to play for hardcore gamers as well - after all, the creators' plan was to create the best game they've ever played - and they are gamers.
The Game of Legends
Tamas Sziklai