From "Storage Wars" to a World to Explore, Twin Harris Brothers Launch Their Own New TV Series on Network

Mark and Matt Harris Search for Fun and Amazing People, Places, and Things in "The Harris Brothers’ World Of Wow!"

Los Angeles, CA, August 10, 2014 --( When "Storage Wars" main cast member Barry Weiss found a "Revenge Of The Jedi" jacket in a locker, he took it to Mark and Matt Harris for an appraisal. The identical twin Harris brothers, experts in Hollywood memorabilia, proved to be so interesting and entertaining they became regular cast members of A&E's "Storage Wars." In short time, they have turned into famous pop culture icons themselves.

Many unusual and fascinating things are found in storage lockers – but Mark and Matt Harris know there are many unusual and fascinating things in the world itself. In their new television series, "The Harris Brothers’s World Of Wow!," the twins will take viewers on all kinds of journeys searching for the wow factor – in other words, people, places and things that will simply make you say, “Wow!” The show airs on the Network (

In the debut episode of "The World of Wow!", Mark and Matt explore intriguing buildings and architecture in the Los Angeles area. Included are the famous Randy’s Donuts (decked with the giant donut on top that has been seen in numerous movies), a house that is completely round, a restaurant built to look like the Titanic, the Cinerama dome theatre, the Disney Concert Hall, and more. Other episodes venture into subjects such as the world’s largest solar power plant located near Las Vegas, people whose jobs require them to climb to ridiculously high places, people who marry inanimate objects, the Zombie Mud Run, and many more.

"Matt and I are both very excited to be partnering with the Network,” said Mark Harris. “This is an exciting opportunity for us. Internet television is truly the way of the future and the only way you can watch television from your mobile device, computer, laptop, iPad, Android, twenty-four seven, anywhere anytime around the world. We look forward to a long partnership with and exciting new episodes coming soon," he added.

Executive Producer and show creator, Gary Kleinman, stated, “I remember watching the Storage Wars episode where Mark and Matt appeared for the first time. My reaction was, who are those guys? They sure are funny and charismatic. Not only are they identical twins, they have very unique visual style.” At that time, little did Kleinman know that their paths would cross and a new show would be borne. His reaction to that? “Wow!” ( is an online network launched in 2011 by Gary Kleinman, a former Walt Disney Studios Vice President. was designed as a springboard for television’s move to the internet. The network features ten channels of new shows from independent producers, and can be viewed free on any smartphone, tablet, notebook, e-reader, desktop computer, browser-capable gaming consoles, web-ready TV sets, the Roku streaming player, and Chromecast. Free apps are available for iPhones and Android phones.
Gary Kleinman