Introducing a Fresh Biography Memoir Series "The Rebirth-The Memoirs of One Who Was Born Lost Reborn" by New Author Tammy Ms. Marie Johnson

Details of the new biography memoir series "The Rebirth-The Memoirs of One Who Was Born Lost Reborn" by Tammy Ms. Marie Johnson set to start September 1, 2014.

Charlotte, NC, August 10, 2014 --( What seemed like the beginning of the end so young, so early, no numb, was actually the beginning of a process that was always meant to be. A process of a multitude of adversities that turned into a motivational ministry.

Tammy Marie Johnson, CEO of Sunshine Marie Network and consultant is helping to give motivation to others with her new biography subscription series, the Rebirth-The Memoirs of One Who Was Born Lost Reborn set to release September 1, 2014 accessible at

Story synopsis taken from the Rebirth- Rebirth-The Memoirs of One Who Was Born Lost Reborn introduction:

"I have seen more than many of my peers. I have seen rape, I have seen jail at the hands of my mother, I have seen abandonment at a young age by my mother and left at 15 with nothing but the clothes on my back, I have seen homelessness, I have seen attempted suicide, I have seen my children suffer at the hands of a molester and watch the system I put myself through college for and worked for fail us all, I have seen the true definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have seen illness and the war on Lupus, I have seen and watched death in my arms. I have seen God work immediately, I have seen the abundance of God’s love, I have seen my children and I rise to the top. God has turned my darkest nights into brighter days."

"No matter what you are going through, if you don’t let go you will rise. Let nothing permanently tear you. Remember, you were built for this."

Tammy Marie Johnson is committed to using her life story as a motivational ministry for others.

Readers and many who have come into Johnson’s path over the years have expressed great enthusiasm for the project and views expressed can soon be accessed on facebook at or

“Your story is amazing! I couldn’t make up what you have been through if I wanted to. You are going to touch a lot of people” -Aubrey Davis

“ are an inspiration to a lot of women. God's plan in action” -Zuhey Gonzales

“Never give up! Bring hope to the world because it needs it!” –Mondoe Garcia

Tammy Ms. Marie Johnson became devoted to sharing her story with the world after seeing others struggle to understand their place in this journey of life and blind to seeing hope in the future. Johnson is also CEO of Ms. Marie Consulting & Sunshine Marie Network. Learn more at

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