Updates Trunk Offerings and Explains Multiple Uses for Trunks in Dorm Rooms

DormCo’s new trunks provide storage options and more for incoming college students.

Buffalo, NY, August 10, 2014 --( Trunks are much more than storage, according to, the premier online vendor for college dorm supplies. A college trunk has a variety of purposes, and DormCo sells trunks in a variety of styles, suitable for any college student or dorm room.

“With college move-in day right around the corner, a good trunk is a must-have item,” said Kerri Linsenbigler, a summer intern at DormCo. “You’ll need it just to get everything to your school, but a trunk is useful all year long, not just on move in day.”

The Sorority Trunk, one of the bestselling trunks on the site, is a prime example of this, according to Linsenbigler. For the summer 2014 season, the Sorority Trunk came in a brand new selection of colors, including baby pink, kiwi green and orange. The slim, stylish design is extremely popular among girls headed to college, DormCo said.

“The Sorority trunk is a cute place to store extra clothes, but it would also make a great dorm room coffee table,” Linsenbigler explained. “This trunk has a charming vintage look to it, and it will definitely be a statement piece in your dorm. This is one trunk you’ll want to show off all year, not hide under your bed.”

While choosing a stylish trunk is important, choosing a durable trunk that will last for years is even more crucial, according to DormCo. New to the trunk lineup this year was the Iron Brick Trunk, a DormCo exclusive product. DormCo marketed The Iron Brick Trunk as the strongest college trunk available on DormCo. Its plastic material is impact shock resistant, and it is suitable for use in humid conditions and even snow.

“You won’t have to worry about your stuff in the Iron Brick Trunk,” Linsenbigler said. “It absorbs all the bumps and hits that can occur in a college dorm, so your computer or whatever you put inside will be safe.”

Even though it’s durable, Linsenbigler said the Iron Brick Trunk is still a stylish addition to a dorm room. Its six colors, including yellow, blue and forest green, are a good match to many dorm color schemes, according to DormCo.

A mix between the ultra-stylish Sorority Trunk and the heavy duty Iron Brick Trunk, DormCo’s Rugged Dorm Trunk is a solid trunk compromise. The trunk was also introduced in a variety of new colors for summer 2014.

“The canvas material of this trunk is scratch proof, but it has more detailed design elements, like riveted trim,” Linsenbigler said. “The Rustic Red color of this trunk is a popular option for both girls and boys going off to school at the end of the summer.”

Whether a trunk is used to store clothes or as an extra seat or table, DormCo recommends purchasing a stylish and sturdy trunk that will last throughout college. To browse DormCo’s complete inventory of trunks and other dorm products, please visit For more information, and to have any questions answered, please contact DormCo at or 888-925-2899.
Keith Gillogly