Ch@t Vodka Now Available in Las Vegas

Holland, PA, August 11, 2014 --( CH@T Vodka, LLC. has just announced that they have partnered with West Coast Wine and Spirits to promote and distribute their ultra-premium and American made vodka in Las Vegas. The small family-owned company have very high hopes and expect CH@T to be quite successful with the large demographic of ultra premium vodka drinkers in the casino-filled town. With its sleek modern design, matte black bottle and custom molded cork, CH@T stands out from the many other vodkas on the shelf. Whether CH@T is drunk straight on the rocks or mixed, the ultra-premium vodka does not disappoint. CH@T was recently awarded a gold medal in “The Fifty Best Domestic Vodka” tasting held in New York.

About CH@T Vodka:
CH@T vodka is an ultra-premium vodka that is 6X distilled and ultrasonically processed to eliminate harsh congeners and increase purity. It caters to a wide variety of vodka drinkers, being that it is gluten free and Certified Kosher vodka. CH@T is also Certified Made in the USA, which was very important to the brand when first starting up. Created and owned by Melissa Sohmer, a recent graduate with a degree in graphic design from West Chester University, CH@T began as just a product design and branding project in 2011. Although the bottle has changed since completing the project, the concept of CH@T has remained focused on today’s popular acronym communication and social media trends. When asked if she ever expected CH@T to get this far, Melissa replied “It is exciting how far we have come, we are taking this one step at a time very carefully and there is a lot to learn.”

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About West Coast Wine and Spirits:
West Coast Wine and Spirits is a single source distribution solution for the Las Vegas market.

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