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"Breaking Loose: Freedom From Within." Marvelous secrets on why you have never reached your full potentials revealed in this book. Break free from the shackles of backwardness into emotional and financial freedom.

Stockholm, Sweden, August 12, 2014 --(PR.com)-- "Breaking Loose: Freedom From Within." How to break free from the shackles of backwardness into emotional and financial freedom.

Breaking Loose: Freedom from within is an exposé on why you have never reached your full potentials. It offers real life and breath taking solutions to common and not-so-common shackles that sets people back. This 68 page book written by Sofia Edlund is a psychological thriller meant to uplift and expose secrets that will transform an ordinary person into a super human, with the ability to achieve the impossible.

“Emotional intimidation, abandonment, addiction and inhibitions are some of the challenges we all have to face sometime in our lives. It is our ability to rise above the blues that will set us on the sure path to freedom,” says Sofia Edlund, a modern day amazon who has battled challenges and came out victorious after making some startling discoveries on the key to success. Edlund says that she has researched deeply on how to solve many of life’s challenges and it is surprising how we are all interconnected.

“Most of the problems we encounter in life have to do with the need to constantly improve ourselves, correct our mistakes, make up for past mistakes, in-fighting within our subconscious, suppression of negative feelings, censoring the way we think and so on,” Edlund explains. “The basic requirement for happiness is to completely accept ourselves the way we are; without reservations.”

“What we have is a society that is so sick that it is at pains,” Edlund added. “The only true solution that works is one which most people either do not know or have overlooked. No matter our state in life, this solution is guaranteed to lift us from our current state of helplessness into a new state of finanacial and emotional freedom.”

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