Her Majestee Mixes Unique Style, Swarovski Crystals and Eco-Friendliness

Women and children can don safe, casual glamour

Hollywood, FL, October 25, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Positively Majestic. Her Majestee launches their debut collection of environmentally friendly Swarovski® crystal adorned fashions for ladies, kids and babies. The creative collection that utilizes water-based inks, hand embellished designs and plush fabrics is now available online and can soon be found in high end boutiques worldwide.

The revolutionary designs of Her Majestee are catching the eye of fashion connoisseurs worldwide.

“Why?” one might wonder. The quality of designs, attention to detail, careful selection of materials and safety is what set this company far apart. Unlike plastisol inks (that are used almost exclusively in children's clothing industry), by far the most environmentally damaging plastic that have been associated with many medical issues, water based inks are harmless to kids and environment and produce extremely soft, undetectable to the touch and durable print. Swarovski® crystals are then meticulously hand applied by a team of master artisans who render designs of swooping dragons and ship anchors with equal attention to detail. Stunning combination of Swarovski® crystals and colorful graphic designs dazzle the observer and wearer alike.

Using only the finest materials and eco friendly inks, the designs at Her Majestee, are rich in color, creative and a must have for anyone who considers themselves hip and trendy. It is an investment in health, glamour and the ability to shine with minimal effort.

Her Majestee was created by husband and wife team Irene and Gary Bromberg. Leaving behind successful careers in real estate and finance, respectively, the duo turned their passion to the creation of a fashion line that embraced an everyday glamour. Women and children alike can don the company's non-toxic casual chic with ease and confidence.

Irene Bromberg knew she couldn’t keep her hands off from the wheel of fashion for long. She was dismayed by the fact that though she made it big in Real Estate she wasn’t able to satisfy her deep burning passion that burned long and hard despite being buried nose deep in list of contracts and deadlines to chase.

Gary Bromberg’s master’s degree afforded him a successful career in finance. After launching several thriving start-up businesses, his entrepreneurial spirit turned towards his wife’s dream. There’s no time like the present. In 2007, the dream was set in motion, and Her Majestee was born.

“We want our line to be everyday luxury. As a mom who understands the needs of moms and kids, I wanted them to be very practical, easy care, washable, safe, no fuss styles. Wearable Allure.” – Irene says.

“Our products are made with the best fabrics, intricate designs and an uncompromising attention to detail. We are looking to take the kid’s clothing world to a new level.” – Gary continues.

Her Majestee
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Her Majestee
Gary Bromberg