Sytecee Inc. Is Releasing Today a New Website, Mobile Site and App so That Independent Music Artists Are Finally Set to Cash in

The Journey to Become the Ultimate Entertainment Community in the World.

New York, NY, August 14, 2014 --( Brand New Online Free Music Video Sharing Site, Sytecee Launches.

Stephen M. Byrd president & founder partnered with the most prominent music law firm Grubman, Shire & Meiselas, P.C. out of New York to launch the brand new online free music video sharing site, Sytecee (, to give fans and rising artists and video moguls a way to connect.

According to a recent Los Angeles Times article (, YouTube stars are making multi-million dollar mega deals with brands seeking to catch their rising fame. The market is huge according to the Los Angeles times, “YouTube reaches more U.S. Adults ages 18 to 34 than any cable network, according to Nielsen.”

The Sytecee model is based more artist, fan and producer friendly, according to the founder, Stephen M. Byrd.

Sytecee is a great place to listen to music, watch videos, tv shows or movies anywhere all day, plus:

1) Sytecee is like the Walmart to the entertainment industry because it’s an All In One entertainment website, mobile site and App.

2) Artist and record labels can upload and sell their music or videos on Sytecee and instantaneously check their paypal account for revenue made, because All Sales Go Directly Into Their Individual Account, no small royalties or small percentages (a broken system used by music sites like iTunes, Spotify and others)

3) Anyone can Just Go Live on Sytecee and film everyday life and news events or communicate with friends, family and fans instantly for free

4) and with Just Go Live on Sytecee users can share their live feed to Facebook, LinkedIn, and others and reach millions of people or fans instantly with one click.

As stated by Mr. Byrd “Artist now can Go Live on Sytecee and talk with millions of their fans, then release a song and check their paypal account instantly, Wow”

5) Theft of music is eliminated because on Sytecee, music is never shared, users will always keep and listen to their music on a Sytecee format (website, mobile site, or App)

6) Talented people can upload their video's on Sytecee and possibly be discovered that same day.

Record labels and artists can go to Sytecee’s website and upload their tracks for distribution to their fan base. Users can go to Sytecee via website, mobile site, or App and pay for their music and enjoy forever.
Sytecee Inc.
Stephen M. Byrd