Execulink Expands Fibre-Optic Network to Delhi

Delhi, Canada, August 15, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The next generation of telecommunications technology will soon be available in Delhi in the form of fibre optics, as Execulink Telecom has announced they will be expanding their Fibre to the Home network to Delhi this summer. This future-proof technology will give residents of Delhi the most state-of-the-art High Speed Internet, Voice and Television services currently available.

To support Delhi residents with information & scheduling of installations, Execulink will be opening an office at 553 James Street in early September.

“This is a huge advantage from an Economic Development standpoint,” says Chris Baird, General Manager of Development & Cultural Services. “Norfolk County is very excited about the project.”

Fibre lines are buried, which means they're more reliable and not affected by inclement weather (a common complaint of Satellite dishes). Execulink will be burying fibre optic lines up and down each street to service each home with the ability to connect every home in Delhi with fibre lines, instead of copper connecting lines like companies have used in the past.

“We are excited to bring Fibre to Delhi,” expressed Execulink CEO Ian Stevens. “An investment like this will improve the day-to-day lives of the local community, and we are happy Execulink is making this a reality.”

Execulink has contracted Weber Contracting to deploy fibre infrastructure across the town. Individual homes will be connected in a plan that covers five areas of Delhi. Residents of Delhi can see how their homes/businesses fit within this plan by visiting execulink.ca/fibre.

The cost of installation will be free for new and existing customers during the construction phase but there may be a cost to those who wait until after the construction crews have finished in their neighborhood.

Norfolk County Mayor Dennis Travale also expressed his enthusiasm about the project. He stated, “Execulink’s investment in Delhi and Norfolk County will provide an enhanced technology backbone that will benefit all businesses and Residents alike.”

Local Ward 3 Delhi Councillor Michael Columbus added, “The increased speed and reliability of this new fibre optic service will be one more advantage in keeping Delhi and Norfolk County competitive with other rural Ontario communities.”

At the conclusion of the project, residents and businesses in Delhi will have one of the most advanced communications infrastructures in Canada. Fibre optics will accommodate today’s demand for high speed connections as well as the advanced applications of tomorrow – whether voice, video or data.

For more information on the services or to sign up for fibre connection, please call 519-582-DEAL(3325).

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