New Brochure from Hänel Highlights Storage Options for the Disabled

Pittsburgh, PA, August 15, 2014 --( Hänel Storage Systems has recently released a new brochure entitled Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Carousels Adapted for use by the disabled. This full-color, 14-page brochure is available free of charge from Hänel, and can be requested at

Since 1957, Hänel vertical carousels and vertical lift modules (VLM) have set the standard for user convenience and ergonomics. All Hänel systems work on the “goods to the user” principal, eliminating the need to walk rows of storage shelves, climb stepladders or carry inventory by hand. This makes Hänel storage systems a popular choice for users with physical limitations. Hänel can further modify the Rotomat® Carousel and Lean-Lift VLM to accommodate various special needs.

Developed in cooperation with the German association for self-help for the physically handicapped, the Hänel Rotomat® Carousel can be equipped with a recess in the lower portion of the unit and a repositioned controller below the access opening. This allows full access for wheelchair users. The operating parameters of the Rotomat® can also be customized to ensure full access. For instance, the resting position of the storage shelves can be tailored to accommodate the range of motion of different operators. The height of the access opening on any Hänel storage system can be customized as well, allowing for a lower point of entry.

Hänel’s standard microprocessor control unit provides integrated inventory management and easy integration with various types of IT systems. This allows users with severe visual impairments to accurately manage inventory. Using a braille interface at their computer, items are added or removed from inventory electronically. The Hänel controller then brings the required storage location to the access point, confirming the request audibly via a speaker. All storage bins are marked in braille, allowing the user to quickly and accurately locate the desired storage location.

Safety has always been a top priority for all Hänel storage systems, and special accommodations are made to ensure that accessible units remain totally safe. Emergency stop buttons can be repositioned and external safety light curtains can be added to ensure safe operation by a range of operators.
Hänel Storage Systems
David Schneider