Matter Launches Matter Engine

New social segmentation tool helps brands identify and reach disengaged users, connects the dots between engagement and purchase data.

London, United Kingdom, August 16, 2014 --( Matter, a social strategy and technology company, today announced the launch of Matter Engine, created specifically for maximising untapped value from social audiences. The new tool helps identify and activate audience segments based on user engagement, opt-in and CRM data. Overlaid purchase data allows brands to measure social activity against sales performance on a per user basis. By accurately describing and storing social audience attributes, Matter Engine helps clients drive greater engagement, optimise ad inventories, and open up effective cross-channel marketing opportunities from their social following.

“Up until now social marketers have largely had to rely on vanity metrics and arbitrary KPIs to try and measure social effectiveness,” said Stephen Folkes, Director and co-founder of Matter. “Being able to track an individual’s engagement level in direct relation to their purchase habits gives content marketing a direct link to ROI.”

Matter Engine gathers and monitors data about every individual engaging with a brand’s Facebook Pages, building audience profiles whether or not they ‘Like’ your brand. Clients can augment data from existing CRM databases, mailing lists, ambassador schemes, or purchase-history sources. It was developed from the ground up to work flexibly with other systems via accessible API’s. All Matter Engine data is exportable in a variety of formats.

Other features include:

Teams: share segment collections and manage social presences across teams of any size
Reporting: download reports in boardroom-friendly formats
Customisation: create infinitely customisable segments based around business objectives
Manage multiple presences: apply segment logic across multiple audiences, standardising measurement

Matter Engine pricing is based on monthly subscription and is available to individuals, agencies and brands.

For further information, please contact:

Stephen Folkes, Director, Matter Technology Ltd.
Office: +44 (0)20 3475 2442

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Matter is a social consulting and technology company based in London, UK. With more than 20 years social media experience shared by the three founding partners, Matter specialise in scalable strategic and technical solutions. The company was created from a genuine belief that brands and companies can generate better value from their social audiences. For more information visit
Stephen Folkes
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