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Author Frederick Fichman has just uploaded and published two new Book Trailer marketing videos to

Prescott, AZ, August 16, 2014 --( Just Released! Author Frederick Fichman has just uploaded two new Book Trailer videos to YouTube. The first video has been placed on YouTube on author Fichman’s YouTube Channel in conjunction with the recent publication of his new book, “Sky’s Journal: Life and Adventures as told by an Arizona Mini Poodle.” The second video is now on YouTube to promote the entire 29-book library of books for sale by author Fichman on Amazon Kindle.

Author Frederick Fichman began his publishing efforts on July 21, 2008 with his first novel, “SETI.” “SETI,” the acronym for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, was originally print published by Penguin USA imprint ROC in the United States and Canada and in the U.K. and Australia by Headline Press in London. “SETI” was book one in a three-book series. All three books have been combined recently by Mr. Fichman in “The SETI Anthology” which is also now available and recently published on Amazon Kindle.

The two new videos are both Book Trailers which helps to market not only the newest non-fiction release of “Sky’s Journal” but also the entire library of 29 books written by Author Frederick Fichman.

His prolific output continues with his work on two manuscripts that are presently “In Work.” His next fiction novel is titled “The Feather.” It is fantasy novel about the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1806-1806. This new novel will be a unique look at that historic journey of the Corps of Discovery from St. Louis, Missouri to Fort Clatsop near present day Astoria, Oregon. Deep and thorough research on the subject matter will give the reader a feeling that they are actually with the 50-plus men and one woman, Sacagawea, as they braved the elements and some hostile tribes of Native Americans as they set forth into the uncharted wilderness that was purchased by President Thomas Jefferson for the United States. In 1803 The Louisiana Purchase added over 800 million acres to the territory of the young United States and doubled the size of the country at that time.

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