Ms. Abilities America, Inc. Has New Organizational Leadership

Ms. Abilities America, Inc. has been around since 2011; however, the organization is starting to make progress in the leadership and organization. Several new leaders have been appointed or won their title recently.

Oklahoma City, OK, August 18, 2014 --( Ms. Abilities America, Inc. is an organization advocating for many individuals who happen to have disabilities, leading by example, mentoring those who have just begun their journey towards finding their abilities, showing friendship to all individuals, achieving to our best through academics and beyond in the ever growing world.

Recently, the organization has started to build on the main portion through appointing new leadership for the different parts of the pageant. The following is a new list of the leaders:

Ms. Abilities America National Director- Elizabeth Reeve
She is the founder, the National Director, and CEO of the whole organization. She has been working to build the organization from ground up. She is a Native American (Cherokee/Delaware). She currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She happens to have a spinal cord injury, spina Bifida, and MS. She utilizes a wheelchair. Elizabeth Reeve started out as Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma (America) 2008-2009. She went on to become Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma (USA) 2010-2011. Afterwards, she wanted to give the same experience to all individuals with visible or invisible disabilities.

Ms. Abilities America 2014-2015 titleholder- Dianna Allen
Dianna Allen is a resident of Leicester, Massachusetts. She had a car accident, and had to have her leg amputated. She is wanting to help build the organization. If you would like to have her as a guest speaker, please contact

Ms. Abilities America Childrens Coordinator-
Susan Huester is the Childrens Coordinator. She resides in Newkirk, Oklahoma. Her daughter, Dally, is the National Junior Miss Abilities America 2014-2015.
Ms. Abilities Heritage (America and USA) National Director and 2014-2015 titleholder

Siobhan Margaret-Theresa Travers is from the Nez Perce tribe. She is currently holding the title of Ms. Abilities Heritage (America) 2014-2015. She is a veteran from the military, and suffered TBI in Iraq. Her goal is to build up the Heritage portion, and make sure that everyone can be proud of their heritage no matter where they come from.

Ms. Abilities USA National Coordinator and is in charge of the State Coordinators-
Annette Roughton-Loos is resides in Claremore, Oklahoma. She has a daughter who happens to have intellectual disabilities. She is currently studying to get her Doctorate, and would like to have a nonprofit in the ARTS for the individuals who happen to have disabilities.

Ms. Abilities Military (America) National Coordinator-
Vanessa Alsup is the wife of a veteran. She started out as the Lady in waiting in Ms. Abilities America and moved to serve as Ms. Abilities America 2013-2014. She has a passion for veterans.

Ms. Abilities Military (USA) National Coordinator-
This office has not been delegated at this moment of time. However, Elizabeth Reeve is the interm until the office is filled.

Ms. Abilities International will becoming within the next couple of years. The individuals who win the titles above, shall go on to compete for Ms. Abilities International. Other pageants for individuals who happen to have disabilities will be invited to send their National titleholder to the international pageant to compete against all of the other ladies. This will be an awesome time to have the many individuals representing the individuals who happen to have disabilities come together as one to help educate the public on the various means of disabilities and focus on the abilities of all the National titleholders.

Some of the upcoming plans for the organizations are participating in the Cherokee National Holiday on August 30, 2014. The organizations are planning on a National Abilities Walkathon in different locations to help raise money for Service dogs on October 4, 2014. The National Pageant will be held June 8-14, 2015, which will consist of workshops, invitations to researchers in the field of disabilities, and the ultimate pageant (for the younger titleholders, they will be asked to be present on June 13, 2015 for the pageant; however, they can opt to participate in the full pageant experience if they would like to come for the week).

To find out more about the organization, please feel free to write to or contact (405)774-0741.
Ms. Abilities America, Inc.
Elizabeth Reeve
405 774 0741