Unique “Texas Ranch” Game App is Now on Facebook

Texas Ranch, the first in a series of games from Dirty Work Games, recently appeared on Facebook. Software creator HeavenWard plans more in the series.

Minsk, Belarus, August 19, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Software publisher HeavenWard published its first game, a Facebook desktop app called Texas Ranch, on June 12, 2014. Texas Ranch is the first in a series of games featuring the dirtiest jobs conceivable. Players of the Texas Ranch game become farm hands whose job is to clean up the ranch—by collecting droppings from a variety of farm animals. Points earned take players to higher levels or can be used to buy faster boots or bigger buckets for working faster.

HeavenWard is currently building a mobile version of Texas Ranch and plans to create additional games to add to the Dirty Work Games series.

HeavenWard also creates and publishes software, including an employee monitoring program called eMonit, monitoring software for personal use called LightLogger, and anti‑malware software.

Texas Ranch is on Facebook at https://apps.facebook.com/dirtyworkgames-ranch/.

HeavenWard’s website is http://www.hwsuite.com/.
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