JellyBeez! Creates Educational App That Teaches Kids About Advanced Colors

Color Lab is an educational, interactive color learning app. Your child will learn basic and advanced colors for a total of 40 unique colors in a flashcard format. The app is designed for parents and teachers to interact with the child in exploring all the colors of the world. Color Lab has two difficulty levels to accommodate the learning style and pace of every child.

Mount Vernon, OH, August 19, 2014 --( Studies show exposing children to art at a young age can have a positive impact on all aspects of a child’s learning and development, but it’s not always possible to cover the kitchen table with paints, crayons and construction paper. So JellyBeez!, a new children’s app publisher founded by Christopher MeaD, designed an app called Color Lab that teaches kids about advanced colors like crimson and cobalt in a fun and mess-free way. MeaD, a Columbus-based graphic artist and father of two, designed the app to look like a scientific laboratory where kids are encouraged to explore a rainbow of colors featured in virtual vials and beakers. The goal of the app is to teach kids that colors come in different shades and hues and that those colors have names. Giving kids early exposure to these colors will help them develop an enriched color vocabulary.

“Like most kids, my oldest son was able to identify basic colors quickly, but it was difficult for him to identify the color of items that weren’t exactly red, yellow, green or blue. So I searched for an app that would help him develop a more extensive color vocabulary, but none existed,” said MeaD. “So I used my skills as a graphic artist to develop a fun and easy-to-use app featuring original illustrations that exposes children to 40 unique colors.”

Color Lab, available for Apple Devices, is designed for children with limited computer skills. With a single touch, a child can explore advanced colors from the Color Lab selection screen, saturate the screen with the color, see the name of the new color written on the screen, and return to the color selection page.

“Many apps designed for children make it challenging for kids to exit the settings screen. Color Lab is designed with the young child in mind,” said MeaD. “Through repetition and reinforcement, kids will easily be able to commit a new color vocabulary to memory.”

Color Lab is now available for download on Apple App Store for .99 cents. Additional JellyBeez! Educational apps are currently in development focusing on shapes, opposites, the alphabet and other toddler and preschool-focused themes.
Christopher MeaD
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