A Hara Chair Will Save Your Day

The unique ergonomic Harachair that keeps the body moving - even when sitting down, is now available in the US through the company Haratech LLC, in California.

Los Angeles, CA, August 20, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Everyone can surely feel familiar with the fierce pain from the back after sitting for long hours in front of a computer or office desk. When you sit down, your body does not distribute load and pressure and creates unbalance of either backbone or pelvis and produces a lot of problems. This futuristic looking chair is designed to never be still, but to adapt with your body´s every movement to support your body by removing pressure. And it is guaranteed to make you feel great after a long day at work.

The unique ergonomic Harachair that keeps the body moving - even when sitting down, is now available in the US through the company Haratech LLC, in California.

Today, people spend over 6—8 hours a day in their chair. Inevitably, there are problems associated with this life pattern such as poor blood circulation, pelvis pressure, hemorrhoids, prostate disorders, and obesity. Because of this change in life pattern, people sitting in traditional chairs might experience one or all of these problems.

Recently the Finnish institute UKK released a report of the dangers of sitting down too much, comparing it to the health risks of smoking.

The Harachairs unique design was created to eliminate and ease these problems by providing a way to maintain proper posture and circulation. Harachair has changed the traditional single base and a back support structure. Weight of the upper body is spread evenly on two bases and the bases can be customized to fit and support the pelvis of individuals. Also the gap between the bases allows better air circulation and helps blood circulation, This can prevent problems caused by sitting in a chair for long periods.

“Every Harachair is designed to fit and adjust around the human body, instead of forcing the body to adjust to a traditional chair,” Daisy Kosmider says, owner of Haratech LLC, who exclusively imports these chairs to the US.

Harachair cannot cure somebody's back pain, but it will definitely reduce their back pain if it's used for a period of time. As the design is so different, it might take around 1-3 months for the body to feel comfortable.

Harachair is a Korean invention developed on the principle of Cheonjiin, principle of the energy, to produce space of life that is filled with bright and clean thinking. The result is the most comfortable office chair ever built.

Mr Kim, the inventor of the Harachair, invented this chair after a long time study of the human body. Results of pressure testing comparing the Harachair dual seat pads vs traditional seat office chairs show a large difference in the pressure on the pelvis and spine.

The Harachair is world patented and is indeed a very special chair -in fact it is the only chair with moving separated seat bases in the world.

Mr Kim´s motive of designing a chair was born out of his desire to create a chair that moves with the body, and is based on the theory of balance and movement.

The traditional chair is a non moving product, and a living person sitting on a non moving chair brings by this theory corpulence and "death."

Thus, the philosophy behind the Harachair was for it to move with the human being, so that the two moving elements promote balance and life.

The Harachair is extensively tested and compared with other office chairs. Below is a test result made at the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center, the Ministry of Labor of Korea.

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Short facts

Spending long period on chair could result in the followings:
> pelvic misalignment causing spinal problem and corpulence of lower body
> twisted spines causing migraine headache
> disorder around anal area

These problems could occur due to improper distribution of upper body weight . When you sit on a chair, 50% of your body weight is focused on an 8% surface area around hip bone. That means your weight is focused on two points (one on each side of pelvis). Therefore, pelvis is an important bone which supports the body weight when you sit and it is important to support the pelvis property.

To resolve these issues Haratech has developed the Harachair with the following approaches.

1. Defines a new relationship between the human body and the chair through a dynamic model focusing on pelvis shape.
2. Designed to fit the human body according to measured data
3. Pays attention to the distribution of the bodys pressure on the chair.
4. Adapts conditions that gives least stress to body based on studies of body posture and muscle activity
5 Utilizes the body movement to design the shape of chair

The main innovation of Harachair is redefining the idea for a seat base. With the above considerations, the base has been divided into two pieces and each part can be adjusted to give the suitable support for pelvis.
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