Immunomodulatory Formula Offered as Prospective Ebola Therapeutic

The Demonstrated Antiviral Activity of Calcium Folate Makes ImmunoPterin™ a Good Candidate for the Treatment of This Viral Epidemic.

San Diego, CA, August 20, 2014 --( Today, SanRx®, has announced that it’s immune support supplement product ImmunoPterin™ has demonstrated efficacy against symptoms similar to those effecting early Ebola sufferers. Ebola acts by defeating immune defenses in the body early in infection. The pterin-based compounds found in ImmunoPterin™ have been shown to suggest a strong ability to boost the human immune system against a number of other disease conditions, including cancerous tumors, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis and Diabetes.

President & Chief Scientist Dr. Phillip Moheno of SanRx® stated, “With the call of ‘All hands on deck’ by the Center for Disease Control to confront the growing Ebola virus epidemic, SanRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc, has responded by offering up its immunomodulatory formulation, calcium folate as an prospective therapeutic. Calcium folate has already demonstrated efficacy against influenza. Early Ebola symptoms are similar to those of influenza. Both viral infections are characterized by modulations of the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-6, and other cytokines. IL-6 has been shown to be modulated by calcium pterin, similar in structure to calcium folate which is more potent. Lower doses of calcium folate are anti-inflammatory and therefore advised. The demonstrated antiviral activity of calcium folate makes it a good candidate for the treatment of Ebola.”

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has brought increased attention to the deadly virus. According to the World Health Organization, up to 90% of those infected with Ebola die from the virus. In an article recently published by Huffington Post, Dr. Gaya Amarasinghe is quoted stating, "what makes Ebola virus different is that it attacks a body's immune system on multiple fronts. There are different treatment windows for each modality, so having multiple methods would be really beneficial, depending on the type of outbreak."

About SanRx®
Based in San Diego, California, SanRx® is the leading developer of immune-supporting compounds based on the naturally-occurring human small molecule "pterin." Preclinical testing by reputable third-party laboratories substantiates that the compounds discovered by SanRx provide a strong potential to support the human immune system against a number of disease conditions without the side effects or high cost of traditional therapies.

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