Dreamfish Labs Develops the First iOS 8 Keyboard That Suggest Emojis as You Type

Chicago, IL, August 20, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Roxie’s predictive emoji sets the pace in digital culture and unlocks the power of emojis.

Dreamfish Labs LLC has announced Roxie Keyboard, the industry’s first iOS 8 predictive emoji keyboard. Roxie suggests emojis as you type and helps people express their tone and connect with people in a way that enriches communication and makes people smile.

Get your Roxie on

The happiness factor is what set Roxie on its journey to be the first mobile iOS app to make communication more fun.

Communication with your family and friends can be enhanced greatly with emoji — yet finding the right emoji takes swiping, searching and too much time for our fast text generation. Roxie learns your favorites and presents emoji options that match your typed word and are prioritized by your personal preferences.

The Roxie Keyboard allows your personality to shine through. Roxie helps find your true colors by delivering a message that reflects your tone, mood and personal style. Keep it real. Have fun. Hey, even make someone’s day.

The power of emoji

In February, Dr. Owen Churches, of the School of Psychology at Flinders University in Australia, conducted a study on emoticons. His research showed that people reacted to emoticons the same way they would react to a real human face.

"Back in day, we used to use an emoticon mostly when corresponding via email. But now, the nature of communication has changed," said Sriram Kalyanaraman, a journalism professor at the University of Florida who focuses on the psychology of new technology. As a result, he added, "the language of communication has changed" and emoticons have "gone into the mass culture."

People who use emoticons, a 2008 study found, experience a "positive effect on enjoyment, personal interaction, perceived information richness, and perceived usefulness." That's something to smile about.

“Roxie is all about allowing people to express their personality, creativity and emotion in text. You have a lot to say without a lot of time, and emojis are powerful little things. They bring a real depth and feeling to text-based messages. An emoji can often give you just the right tone. It’s fun, it’s easy and it can brighten someone’s day. Roxie has been built to learn the personality of the user and presents most used emojis along with other choices. Our roadmap will continue to empower the user to customize their digital voice and persona,” said Paul Petefish, Co-founder and CEO of Dreamfish Labs.


Roxie Keyboard is a universal Apple iOS 8 keyboard and can be used across all application platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, SnapChat, and WhatsApp. Roxie Keyboard will launch in October, 2014. To test the predictive emoji technology and provide feedback on emoji mappings, feel free to download Roxie Messenger - a free app available for beta on the iTunes App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=902888208&mt=8) or visit www.roxieon.com to download.

About Roxie

Let’s face it — communication and engaging with people in the digital world is just different. Roxie enhances texting with predictive emoji. No more searching for the perfect emoji. No more swiping. As you type, Roxie Keyboard suggests the most common emoticons associated with your words. Roxie allows you to add color to your communication by presenting emoticons based on your personality and preference, creating a fun and easy way to text. Let your Roxie shine.

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