Shel Silverstein, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show & Tawny River. What do They All Have in Common? Answer: Producer, Ron Haffkine

Nashville, TN, August 21, 2014 --( Legendary music producer Ron Haffkine who recorded Silverstein’s quirky weed songs with Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show’s distinctive sound on classics like ‘The Cover of The Rolling Stone’, ‘Freaking at the Freakers Ball’, and ‘I Got Stoned and I Missed It’ also recorded Silverstein’s whacky vocals on ‘The Great Smoke Off’ and received a Grammy award for the classic children’s book ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ is back at it again.

Haffkine is back with the release of ‘Aye Aye MariJuana (Mary Jane)’ from the husband and wife duo Tawny River. “I was looking for a new sound, something fresh,” says veteran Haffkine. “Whether I was recording Waylon Jennings or Kris Kristofferson on a movie soundtrack, or Lou Rawls on the first release of “Wind Beneath My Wings”, I always looked for a great song and that’s what got me hooked on Tawny River and Aye Aye MariJuana (Mary Jane).”

The timely song ‘Aye Aye MariJuana (Mary Jane)’ is fun, the video is fun, and Tawny River is fun. “I had a great time recording ‘Sylvia’s Mother’, ‘When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman’, ‘Sharing the Night Together’, and I’m having a great time again with Tawny River”, says Ron. The latin love song was originally written in French and has a fun little twist that will have you singing the song even after it’s done playing. The official video is now available at

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