Cheap Mobile Applications Templates Development Campaign on the Rocket Hub

Riga, Latvia, August 21, 2014 --( Double Solutions has launched crowd funding campaign on the Rocket Hub to create cheap mobile apps source code templates for the mobile programmers which will significantly reduce mobile projects development costs and complexity for the beginners.

In the mobile projects it takes too much of the time to create those parts of the app which are pretty much that same in any app: users registration and log in, getting information from the server, sending information back to the server.

And on the server it is required to create quickly working web services to deliver the information to the mobile apps. Information must be encrypted, and there should be users level access to the data.

It could take at least 6-12 man months to produce high quality app skeleton for several mobile platforms. For the beginners it could take even several projects in the row just to learn to create such solution.

Only then the programmer can focus on the business idea development at full capacity.

“These mobile solutions templates for a cheap price will reduce amount of the work for the programmer, and will allow to focus on the business idea programming right from the beginning of the project,” said Mr. Sandijs Aploks, founder of the project.

“We can even expect a new wave of mobile innovations coming up as for the new-comers it will be much easier to implement new mobile applications ideas,” he continues.

Several examples follow of how mobile project skeleton templates might be used.

Let's suppose there is a news paper with a mobile app which does not allow to read the news while on the plane, or while in the train. It requires Internet connection to read the news.

In that case news paper mobile app developer will be able to download tested solution, and to improve the app based on those examples. Or he will simply copy and paste data synchronization part into the app, and will adjust the app to read the news from the mobile phone database.

In the fresh mobile project case programmer will install part of the mobile application skeleton on the server to create necessary web services, and later will duplicate and adjust some parts of it to allow delivery of more data to the mobile devices.

In the case of programming iOS and Android apps, the programmer will have project skeletons to jump-start the project. Almost everything one can expect an app skeleton should have will be already here and will work with the web services on the server. Provided examples will be easy to duplicate and to change to implement the business idea. Of course, there will still be a lots of work remaining to do to implement the business idea.

Crowd funding campaign is needed to cut the costs of this solution for individual programmer to the minimum. Thousands of the project supporters will share the costs of the software development activities which in the West normally would cost at least 70000 $. (The case when one needs to start everything from zero)

Many projects, many good ideas fail because of low quality of the software. Nobody likes to use sloppy apps.

Professionally created mobile app skeleton serves as a perfect and safe example of how to accomplish complex things. Its better to spend programmers energy and limited resources on the business idea realization, rather then on re-invention of the wheel.

Initially there will be created source code templates for iOS 7+ and Android 4+ versions.

Rocket Hub crowd funding campaign page could be found here:
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