Svelte 30 Unveils Super Blocker

Kissimmee, FL, August 23, 2014 --( Svelte 30 has released one of the most advanced weight aids on the market today. Super Blocker joins the ranks of the most efficient weight control supplements with hydroxicitric acid as a key ingredient.

This supplement dose comes in bottles of 60 capsules and is taken as any other dietary supplement. It has been popularized as an effective carb blocker and a great fat burner. Besides the media attention it has received recently, Super Blocker has been successfully tested and proven to provide amazing results. The market has lauded it with much expectation with many of the anticipated benefits such as weight loss and fat control.

Super blocker ensures slower fat production by discouraging the liver from converting available energy and glucose into fats. It also achieves this by suppressing the appetite of hearty eaters to lower levels. A high level of hydroxicitric acid which is at 60% by mass is a key advantage of Super Blocker. This alone means that the user is able to fully enjoy the slimming effect of Garcinia Cambogia.

Super Blocker brings better control of Cholesterol in the body and also enhances the body metabolism, by keeping metabolic inhibitors on check. At the same time, it gives the user an energetic refreshing feeling since more energy is available to the body when it is not converted into fat. The product also contains White Kidney Bean Extract as another key ingredient that helps the body keep cholesterol and saturated fats low. The extract is also used in lowering the lipid levels in the body.

The supplement is in store and is retailing for $25 per bottle of 60 capsules. At $0.41 per capsule, Super Blocker is extremely economical given the benefits. The recommended dosage is two tablets daily, which means the bottle, will last for a month, while taking a pill after breakfast and dinner.
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Pedro Lopez