"Lydia, Woman of Purple" by Kimberly Black, Buoy Up Press

Kimberly Black's debut novel, "Lydia, Woman of Purple," will be released September 3rd, and is available for Kindle pre-order today. This historical Christian story is based on the events found in the Bible in Acts 16, featuring Lydia, the first European convert to Christianity.

Amarillo, TX, August 23, 2014 --(PR.com)-- "Lydia, Woman of Purple," is the debut novel of award winning author, Kimberly Black. It will be released by Buoy Up Press on September 3, 2014, and is available for pre-order today. It is available digitally through the Amazon Kindle store, and in print through most online retail booksellers.

Based upon the story found in Acts 16 of the Bible, Lydia is the main character, and first European convert to Christianity. This fictional account follows Lydia through her journey to find a spiritual faith in Jesus Christ as she reaches out to other citizens in the Roman colony of Philippi and to her own young cousin, Marcus.

Kimberly Black has authored an award-winning children’s book, Pockets, also available in print and digital versions though amazon. Kimberly is a full-time home designer and part-time blogger, working from her hometown of Amarillo, Texas. Her blog can be found at kimblack.net. Kimberly also serves as President-Elect for Panhandle Professional Writers. One of her best friends, and mentor, is Dianne G. Sagan, author of bestselling Christian novel, The Fisherman’s Wife.

Kimberly has spent most of her life working with children, even serving as Children’s Minister of her home church for a few years. She loves the inspirational stories in the Bible and enjoys imagining the “rest of the story” behind some of her favorite characters of Scripture. She is currently working on another novel based on a New Testament woman.

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