James Gerdeman Writes "Jimmy’s Favorite Christmas Stories" for All to be Entertained

Mr. Gerdeman loves the Christmas season and knows Americans read stories of this wonderful season. All of us have traditions of the holidays and Gerdeman believes his stories will trigger wonderful memories to fill our thoughts of seasons passed and help build new ones. There are subjects for the young and old. James Gerdeman wants everyone to capture the spirit of Christmas. Read Jimmy’s Favorite Christmas Stories.

Coral Springs, FL, August 23, 2014 --(PR.com)-- James Gerdeman has observed the traditions of Christmas with family and friends. This book of short stories hones in on personal and philanthropic events of the season. Read about Grandma’s Jar, The Negligee, or Light wars of Christmas. Sometimes a story about Women’s Club $2.00 Santa or South Florida Santa will help make you laugh and maybe even cry. Laugh with the Big Tree Party or cry with the Remote Christmas Blues or Christmas Tree for the Yard. Maybe go high tech with High Technology Christmas. Jimmy’s Favorite Christmas Stories is available for purchase at www.lulu.com, in a marketplace filled with other unique surprises.

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About Author
James Gerdeman earned an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Dayton. He wrote Tea Party Steeps for a Stronger America to help uniformed voters. His book Jimmy, about boys growing up in the 50’s, has entertained many. Smoke Signals You Too Can Quit shows his diversity. His first book, Radio Frequency Identification Application 2000, was published by Research Triangle Associates. Jim has always supported technology for society. He has 12 books to his credit in a variety of topics. He is a speaker and likes to talk about his books, productivity and issues of the day. There is more information at www.JDGerdeman.com.

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Jim Gerdeman