dJAX Announces the Launch of Enterprise Adserver Package for Online Businesses

dJAX Enterprise Adserver is an all-in-one package that has all high-standard solutions needed for effective ad serving online and generate user-friendly reports.

Bangalore, India, August 23, 2014 --( dJAX Enterprise Adserver is a unique, integrated package of necessary and sophisticated ad serving solutions that are needed for successful digital ad campaigns on web pages, mobile screens and online videos. It includes an array of well-designed plugins to set up an independent adnetwork such as a dJAX Adserver, a programmatic trading tool (DSP and SSP), an in-game ad plugin and also XML Feed features and Affiliate features.

1. Platform for high performance Programmatic Buying and Selling
2. Deeper Targeting capabilities for Display, Video and Mobile ad campaigns
3. Prepaid and Postpaid options for Advertisers
4. Accurate CPI metrics through postback URL tracking
5. Support for getting and generating XML Feeds


1. dJAX Professional Ad Server:
Ad Server to sell ads for websites to Advertisers, bidding, targeting, managing ads, in real time and also reports the ads performances on various parameters, with the following features:

a. Cross platform support - supports all types of ad formats such as Display, Mobile and Video, prompting more and more viable chances of increasing business for both Advertisers and Publishers.
b. Dynamic Alert System – Updates and alerts to both Publishers and Advertisers helping in them to take fast decisions in real time.
c. Real Time Targeting – Tracking and Targeting the visitors in real time based on their online behavior, dwell rate, interests, location etc.
d. Re-Targeting – deeper targeting functionality to crack down on highly potential customers and providing higher chances of sale conversion.
e. Dynamic Security System – Detects various types of fraudulent clicks and is customizable too.
f. Reporting and Analytics System - Provides reports of traffic, its behavior, ad performance in different types of templates which are available both as ready made and custom designed templates.
g. Template Engine Support - Wide choice of templates to choose from, depending on the line of business of the user. Customized templates can be also built upon user request.
h. Reliable Payment system - Advertisers and Publishers can track and manage their money transactions which could help much in their budgeting.

2. SSP Plugin
Programmatic Selling through SSP facilitates Publishers to exhibit and sell their ad inventory in their as well as other adnetworks in real time.

3. DSP Plugin
Programmatic buying enabled through DSP allows advertisers to look for inventory across different ad exchanges and bid in real time.

4. IAB Ad Formats
All advanced and successful ad formats such as Text, HTML, Image and Flash ads for display and Image, Text, MRAID and IAB Rising Star Ad Formats for mobile.

5. XML Feeds
Bidding and ad serving is extended to XML Feed Networks as well. Gets or generates feeds from Publishers and Advertisers respectively, for bidding, serving and delivering ads.

6. Affiliate Features
Organized admin support to allow and manage subscriptions on the product to other business enterprises on a certain fee for a period. This also ensures a way to increase revenue.

7. In-Game Ads Plugin
Delivering ads into virtual game environments as a billboard or a commercial.

The latest RTB technology, Delivery capping and advanced targeting techniques that are integrated into this dJAX product ensures optimistic results both on operations and revenues. Its capability to deliver ads of all types such as display, video and mobile makes it resource rich for the Publishers and ensures higher reach for the Advertisers.
dJAX Ad Server Technology Solutions
Ashraf Hameeda T