Launching the Latest Supply Side Platform (SSP), a Standalone Application Powered by dJAX

Launched by, the Supply Side Platform (SSP) acts as a standalone application providing simple, easy to integrate and flexible attributes that can be delivered in form of white label solutions. - January 12, 2018

The dJAX Data Management Platform, a Data Hub That Makes Ad Serving Easier

Launched by djaxadserver, dJAX DMP is a centralized platform that collect immense amount of data, analyse it and segment the data based on specific attributes. This valuable processed information can be used in a number ways for every ad serving needs. - August 23, 2017

dJAX to Launch Native Ad Serving Platform for Ad Agencies

Native advertising delivers the ads in websites by matching its appearance and editorial content to convey the absolute brand message to the targeted audience without interrupting the browsing speed. - November 02, 2015

dJAX Launches Its Premium Display Adserver for Ad Agencies

dJAX has launched its Premium Display Adserver platform with commanding features. The new version includes platform reporting, multi-operating system support and enhanced database with flexible configuration utility. - March 24, 2015

dJAX Announces White Labeling Option for Its Range of Ad Servers

Private labels or white labels can be attached to your ad server solutions that not only increase your brand recognition but also allows customizations in the sign-in domain and ad serving domain as well. - October 03, 2014

dJAX Announces Its Adserver for Agencies

dJAX Adserver for Agencies/Advertisers helps set up a platform for intelligent ad serving and insightful reporting for profitable ad campaigns across multiple channels. - September 14, 2014

dJAX Announces the Launch of Enterprise Adserver Package for Online Businesses

dJAX Enterprise Adserver is an all-in-one package that has all high-standard solutions needed for effective ad serving online and generate user-friendly reports. - August 23, 2014

dJAX Announces Solutions for Migration from Adzerk

dJAX provides easier solutions for your migrating from Adzerk, be it alternative to Adzerk or support for moving to Revive. - August 01, 2014

dJAX Launches Its Video Adserver

dJAX Video Ad Server sets up, track and optimize online video advertising. It helps publishers find advertisers to sell their ad inventory and advertisers to insert their ads into online videos. It supports both Linear and Non-linear ads. - June 13, 2014

dJAX Launches Its DSP Plugin for Advertisers

dJAX DSP helps advertisers in pricing and placing their ads online in real time - easily, efficiently and accurately. - May 22, 2014

dJAX Announces Its SSP Plugin for Revive Ad Server

dJAX SSP can be integrated into any ad exchange and still be connected to other ad exchanges, enabling all marketers across all ad exchanges to bid for the publishers ad space to maximise revenues in a fast and efficient automated manner. - April 30, 2014

dJAX Announces Its Video Ad Network

dJAX Video Ad Network facilitates serving ads alongside online videos and enables Advertisers to take their branding messages to a massive audience. - April 07, 2014

dJAX Launches Enterprise Ad Server for Online Media Companies

Online Media enterprises can have their own Ad Server for advertising needs and to increase revenues. - April 02, 2014

dJAX Launches Its Mobile Ad Server

dJAX Mobile Ad Server designed specifically for Mobile Publishers and Advertisers for online advertising business on the mobile phones and tablets. It is built with Tracking, Targeting and impression Reporting facilities to target the right audience at the right place and report the ads' engaging potential across various mobile phone users. - March 13, 2014

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