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Nylon and Mesh Laundry Bags not Just for Laundry Anymore

Consumers find some unique uses for double stitched 210 denier laundry bags.

Watertown, MA, January 21, 2006 --( Last June, when the Laundry Bag Store Online added additional styles and sizes to their laundry bag product line, little did they realize the many uses their customers had in mind.

According to the sales manager, “consumers are finding all sorts of uses for these bags. “The bags are double stitched and made from a 210-denier nylon fabric while similar selling laundry bags only range from 75 to 200 denier.”

“To give you an idea of the thickness, Ultra Sheer pantyhose are less than 10 denier, while Sheer pantyhose are 10-20 denier, most backpack cloths begin at 420 denier.”

“Clubs and organizations use our medium 22” x 28” nylon non-strapped bag to store camping equipment and gym gear. Because this bag comes in 14 different colors it provides an easy solution.”

“This style bag is also available with a carry strap and is usually purchased by embroiders and screen printers. However, students use the bag as convenient way of carrying books and school supplies and bicyclists have been using it to make trips to their local coin-op as a way to save on fuel costs.”

While a standard 24” x 36” nylon mesh weighs about 6 ounces and is typically used for a variety of purposes “our mesh bag weighs 10.5 ounces because the weave is extra tight. When we receive inquiries, it is usually for something other than laundry, several patrons have purchased the bag specifically for boiling shrimp and picking vegetables.”

The Laundry Bag Store Online is owned and operated by Town Line Laundermat. Town Line offers drop off wash, dry, fold, shirt and dry cleaning services as well as local area pickup and delivery.  Their laundry bags are available in 4 sizes and can be purchased individually or in assorted bulk lots.

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James J. Patriarca