Andrew Shecktor, Shecktor Enterprises, Inc., Released for Publication "Centralia PA, Devils Fire," an Historical Fiction Novel

Historical fictional novel of the history of Centralia, PA up to the 1962 mine fire that claimed the town.

Berwick, PA, August 24, 2014 --( Andrew Shecktor, Berwick, PA resident and author and former creative writing instructor, is proud to announce the final release of his first novel “Centralia PA, Devils Fire,” published by and available at

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It all began with a preacher scorned, beat down by a band of brutal, ruthless Mollie Maguires in 1869. The town – Centralia, PA. Just the previous year the town founder, Alexander Rae, was brutally murdered by the same gang. With nothing but time on his hands while recovering from his injuries, he conjured a scheme to exact revenge, and placed a curse on the town that one day none shall remain but the St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Church.

Inspired by previous visits to the town and ultimately by a trip to the now deserted town, bought out by the state following an unstoppable mine fire that began in 1962, the author decided to write a fitting eulogy to the town. The novel is a fictional accounting based on fact and metaphorically presents the mine owners and industrialists as Satanical manifestations in need of exorcism.

A cross between the style of “The Wizard of Oz” and “Alice in Wonderland” the short novel is fun to read and also educational.

General historical facts have been added to set the tone for each chapter, and great attention has been given to historical accuracy of things such as weather conditions, dates, astronomical data and historical figures.

The author comments, "In then end it will leave you wondering if there was indeed a conspiracy by the mine companies to take over the town by eminent domain."

Today, only a few residents remain, having won an uphill legal battle to remain in the town. The town zip code has been retired, and when the remaining residents move or die, the town will be turned over to the state.

And then… there is the old man with the pipe… but you will have to read the book to learn more about him.
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