Insurance Broker Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd. Optimize Their Website for Mobile Devices

Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd, a trusted insurance broker serving Toronto and the surrounding area, has announced that they’ve recently optimized their website for use over mobile devices.

Woodbridge, Canada, August 24, 2014 --( Cornerstone Insurance Brokers’ latest website upgrade is designed to enhance access to their website for their clients across the community, and ensure that their site is easily navigated using a range of devices.

Today’s leading companies understand the importance that mobile systems bring to their online services. Savvy consumers are now increasingly using tablets and smart phones to find the products and services they require. Mobile technology brings a level of control to the modern customer. At the touch-of-a-button, they’re now able to find exactly what they require, the moment they need it. This means companies must react by building websites that are optimized for the mobile user and their web experience. Now, the team at Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd. has built a flexible, mobile-optimized web interface to ensure easy navigation for their mobile site visitors.

Through the company’s new, mobile-optimized website, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd. is providing their visitors with access to the latest information in the industry. Within the company’s news section, they help uncover the latest events taking place within the insurance market. Now that the company’s website is compatible across all web platforms, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers is also able to provide mobile users with instant access to their free quote tool. This tool will present mobile users with the ability to get a free quote for their specific insurance coverage requirements. Instead of having to wait to speak with an insurance broker, clients will receive an instant quote that provides them with the information they need to make a prudent decision.

Bringing the best of responsive design to the online insurance marketplace, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd. is now offering an optimal user experience through their new upgraded website. To learn more about the company and their work within the insurance industry, please contact their offices directly at 416 798 8001 or visit their business website at
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Nadine Evans