Life with Special Needs Child is More Ups than Downs

Houston, TX, August 26, 2014 --( Author Amy Troyer says her son, Ryan, came into this world to make a difference. Born with Down Syndrome, he has given many gifts to his family, Troyer said. “There are many moments of Ups and Downs on this journey but there are so many more Ups.”

Troyer knew there were many inspirational stories from families who have children or siblings with Down Syndrome and she recently compiled them in a new book, "It’s More Ups than Downs," published by Halo Publishing International (

“After Ryan’s birth in 2001 a passion grew in me to reach out, love and share with new parents the wonderful blessings that come from having a child with Down Syndrome.” It’s More Ups than Downs includes stories from families with loved ones ranging in age from 9 months to 64 years old.

“I’ve found that when you have a child with special needs, you make friends with other families because of the connection. 'It’s More Ups than Downs' came together out of a desire to reach those entering this journey. The families share the fears they had originally, but most importantly they share how those fears were put to rest and they see the blessings they have been given,” said the author.

Troyer believes "It’s More Ups than Downs" also is an excellent resource for medical professionals giving the diagnosis to new parents. “It is important for them to remember, these children are special in their abilities; that they are wonderful to be with, and they love like no other. I truly believe they are created in God’s image and come into this world to make a difference.”

Halo Publisher Lisa Umina said "It’s More Ups than Downs" focuses on the blessings rather than the struggles of having a family member with special needs. “Readers will be inspired by the true feelings shared in this book.”

Troyer said "It’s More Ups than Downs" offers keen insight to families, doctors and hospital staff about how life can be when a special needs child comes into it.

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Amy Troyer resides in Uniontown, Ohio, where she attended Lake High School and met her husband of 20 years, Mark. The couple has two children, Ryan and Abigail, who is a strong advocate for her brother. To reach this author, contact her on Facebook, Amy Cable Troyer, or her author page,; on Twitter, Amy Troyer@ AmyTroyer or e-mail

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