Mousee Games Released a New Mobile Game for Casual Players

Help Hen the wise to hatch more eggs and free the birds! Mousee Games launches a new match3 game: Egg Hunt Mania.

Peoria, AZ, August 27, 2014 --( Mousee Games today announced the launch of Egg Hunt Mania a new match3 game with cute and innovative graphics.

Hen the Wise is the mother of all the birdies and she needs your help to combine and open more and more eggs and free all the birds!

Players must solve 30 levels (more levels will be added soon) each of them completely different: some of them ask player to do a number of eggs combination, or to do a minimum score within a certain amount of time, or to combine 2 or more power-ups, or to free the birds from a cage or to clean the mess on the board.

Each level has a different board.

There are 8 different eggs, each of them of a different color and associated to a different bird: penguin, peacock and many others. Sometime when you do a combination, it can even give birth to a new birdie and fly away!

Everything is overseen by Hen the Wise, a cute hen that is the mother of all the birds and gives you three eggs if you complete a perfect result!

To move on the next level, you need first to solve the previous one and some of them are very hard to solve!

There are a lot of power-ups: some of them are generated by the player combining eggs like the Egg-magnet, some of them appear randomly like the Egg-bomb.

Players starting the level can decide to increase the possibility of having more power-ups during the gameplay.

There are also some penalties to deal with: like the hard-boiled egg, the rotten egg, the terrible crocodile that can eat one of your eggs or your egg could be chained and cannot be moved unless you create a combination of eggs of the same color!

Fun, addictive with a innovative and high level graphic!

Free to play: players can buy energy to play more or buy more power-ups

Key features of the game include:
· Up to 8 different eggs each of them related to a specific bird
· 30 different levels
· 10 different power-ups
· Levels based on time or on specific goals
Mousee Games
Fabrizio Cali