American Green Technology® Installs HRMS Technology in Plastic Surgery Clinic in Hong Kong

South Bend, IN, August 28, 2014 --( American Green Technology® (AGT) has installed their innovative Health Risk Management System (HRMS) in a plastic surgery center in Hong Kong. The CorVic Skin and Facial Rejuvenation Clinic specializes in professional analysis and high-quality medical, skin and facial treatments and skincare services. A clinic like CorVic is just one of numerous applications that are ideal for the HRMS. Other traditional healthcare facilities include; hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, dental offices and cancer infusion centers, to name a few.

“The installation of the HRMS technology provides a clear advantage in protecting our patients and staff against deadly HAIs,” said CorVic Partner, Ms. Cory Cho, “Patient care is our utmost priority. It is important our customers realize that we take their safety, health and well-being very seriously. That is why we decided to utilize the HRMS technology for added security against dangerous pathogens. It offers a great peace of mind.”

According to the World Health Organization, hundreds of millions of patients are affected by HAIs worldwide each year, leading to significant mortality and financial losses for health care facilities. Out of every 100 hospitalized patients, 7 will acquire at least one HAI. The patented, unobtrusive lighting system offers a barrier against 99.7% of hazardous HAI-causing bacteria and viruses like MERS, MRSA, Staph and even Tuberculosis.

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About American Green Technology: American Green Technology® (AGT) is a company dedicated to developing innovative products to positively impact the health, economy, and environment of global communities. Its ultra-long, energy efficient induction lights dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs, while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of its commercial, government, and industrial clients. AGT’s Health Risk Management System (HRMS) is a patented UVC lighting product clinically proven to eliminate 99.7% of airborne pathogens that cause Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs) in hospitals and cancer centers. According to the World Health Organization, HAIs are contracted by hundreds of millions of people every year, and AGT’s commitment to this innovation is a shining example of the approach that LIVESTRONG believes can positively impact the lives of the 32.5 million people affected by cancer. AGT supports the LIVESTRONG Foundation’s mission of improving lives of people affected by cancer now. For more information, visit

About Corvic: Clinic CorVic consists of a team of plastic surgeon and experienced therapists providing professional analysis and high-quality medical skin and facial treatments and skincare services. We monitor each step of our treatments carefully to provide our clients professional services, and comprehensive and effective treatments.​ We use the world’s top notch skin treatment equipment with the most advanced technologies, all FDA and CE certified. Client-centricity is the core principle of CorVic, and we ensure that all our treatments and products are safe and reliable. To learn more, log onto
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