MJRIDS:KickStarter Campaign Cancelled; Desolators Still in Development

Indianapolis, IN, August 28, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Desolators is a twin stick shooter (on a dual analog stick controller the left stick maneuvers the aircraft and the right stick shoots in which ever direction it is pushed).

Since the KickStarter campaign for Desolators failed, MJRIDS cannot develop Desolators full time but is committed to its completion and release. The release date for Desolators has been pushed back to June 2015 from its previous December 2014 release date. MJRIDS will be posting a blog about the progress and development of Desolators with at least one weekly update featuring screen shots and detailed descriptions of the newest additions made to Desolators at mjridsgames.com

MJRIDS wants everyone to know its the real deal: a true developer who has love and passion for all its games in development. At the present time MJRIDS doesn't want to reveal its other titles and is focusing exclusively on Desolators. Michael Rodriguez or MJRIDS says there are a lot of features in Desolators that he wants to incorporate into his other titles and they all have to be worked out and overhauled especially in the graphics department where he will upgrade all of his titles to full HD, yet Desolators will be HD at 720p due to equipment limitations during development, never the less MJRIDS is proud to present an HD game in the near future, and hopes you will follow the development process of Desolators and future titles to be announced at mjridsgames.com
Michael Rodriguez