Take2 Publishing Launches First DigiDialogue with Alex Sheremet’s “Woody Allen: Reel to Real”

Introducing the first DigiDialogue from Take2 Publishing, Alex Sheremet's Woody Allen: Reel To Real, one of the most comprehensive examinations of the complete cinema works of Woody Allen and the critical ecosystem that surrounds it.

New York, NY, August 29, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Take2 Publishing is proud to announce the launch of its first DigiDialogue … a process and a product that results with a published eBook where the dialogue between the author and the audience becomes part of the final "copy."

Alex Sheremet presents one of the most thorough and considered critiques on Woody Allen’s body of work … but his text is only part of the full story. DigiDialogues are about the author inspiring a discourse between and amongst himself and his audience.

The genesis of this DigiDialogue is the Woody Allen: Reel to Real website, the vehicle to have Sheremet and his "readers" further explore, expand and explain the theses he presents. On this site one will find a combination of: faithful summaries of the key chapters of the book; one key chapter of the book in its entirety: and web-only content that through discussion will also be included in the final book. All the content on the site is married to a dedicated "Comment Box" to propagate the dialogue.

According to Sheremet, “A critic’s job is to be an intermediary, to explain how a work of art succeeds or fails as a work of art – not merely to give an opinion. And, these days, there’s entirely too much opinion, too much of a need to seem ‘relevant’, and not enough sound argument and evidence. Thus criticism breaks down, and art suffers … and I aim to rectify that,” he continued.

“I’d like to see people of intellect and discrimination read my arguments, think ‘Hey, this actually makes sense,’ and feel affirmed that someone’s articulating what is often thought, but is rarely expressed -- especially on an artist as contentious as Woody Allen. This process is all about dialoguing with them,” he said.

In this vast new world of interactive content, it has become second nature for readers to place their own comments at any article or column they come across on-line, but this simple concept and technology has bypassed the 'staid' world of book publishing.

According to John Pruzanski, Managing Publisher at Take2 Publishing, "We don't believe that needs to be the case.

"The advent and popular uptake of eBooks finally provides the platform to open up the publishing world to new forms and factors and DigiDialogues have been specifically formulated to perform the task of enjoining the readers into the publishing process."

"Everyone has an opinion of Woody Allen, whether those opinions come from a learned perspective, or from the tabloids … and Sheremet's excitingly exhaustive analysis is the perfect fodder to generate and further this unique form of dialogue," he said.

It must be acutely noted that the Woody Allen: Reel to Real website, although faithful to the theses presented in the full Sheremet text, actually contains only 25% of the final content of the eBook. The published work will contain much more in depth analysis by Sheremet on all the topics raised … as well as including the best of the dialogue this site engenders.

Look for the eBook later this year, but in the meantime, join the discussion at the website immediately and become part of the publishing process.
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