Masalasoft Announced GoodWriter 4 - Documents, Hand-Written Notes and PDF

The Good Writer app aims to bring a superior content writing and file management experience for iPhone and iPad users.

Karachi, Pakistan, August 29, 2014 --( Masalasoft (Pvt) Limited, the leader in mobile consumer apps, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest application.

GoodWriter 4 - Documents, Hand-Written Notes and PDF Version: 1.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app is the latest in a series of innovative products introduced to Apple users by Masalasoft (Pvt) Limited.

The application features Annotate PDF Documents, Create/Edit Notes and Documents, Create Voice Memos, Hand-Written Notes and Drawings, PDF Converter, Open Email Attachments, Fax Documents directly from your iPhone or iPad, Share Files With Your Friends.

Users can open various file formats such as iWork, MS Office, Power Point, text files, images, etc. Get these files from desktop computers, email attachments and “Open in" from other applications.

"Mobile Smart Phones have the potential to change the way we live our lives,” said Irfan Farooqi, the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Marketing for Masalasoft (Pvt) Limited.

"Everyone uses the iPhone & iPad apps for productivity. It is focused on these productivity apps. The use of these apps is beneficial as they over on a quantity of their everyday tasks. These plenty of include apps for editing photographs health and fitness apps like calorie counter. The iPhone & iPad apps are beneficial for individuals who travel to various places around the globe and require getting directions or other information in translated language. Thus, productivity apps have actual benefits for all age groups.

“Our next generation of mobile business apps aim to take the burden of content management off from the users by creating amazingly simple mobile interfaces for our customers.”

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