Unschooling Paradise Discusses Unschooling Curriculum in Blog

Unschooling Paradise has released a blog post in their unschooling blog, that discusses about parents allowing learning to occur naturally, or if they use traditional unschooling curriculum for their children, and if using curriculum, makes a parent and/or family true unschoolers.

Savannah, GA, August 29, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The following is an excerpt from the blog post discussion from blog founder and unschooling mother of two, Chrissie:

“There are two sides to this discussion but my advice here is to stay true to yourself. The two sides are the diehard unschooler (radical unschooler) and the natural learner. I myself am a little in-between these two and do whatever fits best for my family. In other words we have used curriculum but sometimes for week or months we do not.”

Some of the new posts in the blog include the family’s adventures as they tour across the United States throughout the summer and a current survey that is being collected on homeschooling for a documentary that has been three years in the making. The blog provides a wide range of topics and resources so that parents can have the guidance and inspiration that is necessary to successfully home school their children.

Unschooling Paradise also offers tips and advice that inspires lessons and activities so that their children can absorb unschooling curriculum in interesting and exciting ways such as through origami crafts to learn math, a trip to France to study history and science experiments such as using beet juice as an invisible ink.

While it is true that many parents choose to educate their children at home so they have control over what their kids are learning, Unschooling Paradise takes this concept to the next level by providing kids with the opportunity to choose their own subject material. This gives kids independence and allows them to study topics in-depth.

Parents that are interested in adapting the unschooling curriculum into their homeschooling lessons can visit for tips and ideas. To read the unschooling blog visit the Unschooling Paradise website.

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