Home and Garden America Now Offers Free Shipping of Their Heirloom Seeds Pack

Carson City, NV, September 02, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The popular 50 Variety Heirloom Survival Seed Packs from Home and Garden America (HAGA) qualify for free two-day shipping for members of Amazon Prime as well as for Super-Saver 3-5 Day Shipping for non-Prime members. Amazon provides free shipping to Prime Customers automatically on qualifying orders.

Chuck Harmon, founder and CEO of HAGA said "We know people will benefit from this offer because all of the 50 varieties can be planted and enjoyed this season or for seasons to come, if the garden is large enough or if they are shared with friends. Some can be planted and harvested now with the rest saved for next year, or the entire collection can be stored to be safe for use in case they are needed for survival purposes."

The HAGA Heirloom Survival Seeds are 100% organic, non-GMO (Not Genetically Modified Organisms), non-hybrid and open-pollinated. It is difficult to find genuinely high quality, trustworthy heirloom seeds. "We searched a long time before finding a quality organic vegetable farm that had the commitment to preserving the organic seeds that our forefathers worked to diligently to pass along to us. Once we found this source, we were committed to sharing them with as many organic gardening enthusiasts as we possibly could because these seeds are under fire from government agencies who want to control them."

"We figure the more seeds we can get out there to the general population, the less chance that they will be confiscated and destroyed in favor of the big companies who want to force you into buying their genetically modified seeds and the pesticide laces chemicals that are necessary to make them grow," Mr. Harmon added.

The seeds are dried to a moisture contest of 8% or less in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment that ensures maximum germination rates. The Home and Garden America seed supply comes from a licensed seed dealer, and the honest seed count of over 9,500 seeds in the 50 variety collection will produce over 8,000 healthy food-bearing plants and an abundance of fresh, pesticide free vegetables. Home and Garden America provides a bonus download of a 32-page Guide for planting, storing and sprouting of the seeds.
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Chuck Harmon