Soma Stanford, Lesbian Physician, Releases Erotic Novel, "Jade Wallace"

Toronto, Canada, August 30, 2014 --( Harlot Press is pleased to announce its publication of "Jade Wallace," a lesbian erotica novel by Dr. Soma Stanford (

Dr. Soma Stanford (author’s pen name) is a Canadian, lesbian, physician and writer. Her new lesbian erotica novel, "Jade Wallace," is available for download on beginning August 30, 2014. The book spans the themes of addiction, sexuality, travel and spirituality.

Dr. Stanford has chosen to write under a pen name because of uncertainty of how an erotic novel involving experimental drug use would be perceived by the medical community.

“I’m still early in my medical career,” she said. “I’ll ‘come out’ as an erotic writer when the moment is right. It’s still too soon for me to take that risk. But as a doctor, I was able to write the book with a unique perspective; one that’s educational when it comes to sexual and mental health.”

Jade Wallace, the novel’s protagonist, is a reflective woman in her mid-twenties, intent on exploring her newly embraced lesbian sexual identity. Though the genre is ‘erotica’ and the sex scenes are steamy, it’s also a coming of age story about love and loss.

The book also explores the highs and lows associated with recreational drug use. Dr. Stanford writes with clarity on the matter; she’s struggled with addiction herself.

“I’m clean now,” said Dr. Stanford, “but I know that at any moment I could go back into it. With the recent tragic loss of Robin Williams, mental health and addiction issues have once again come to the spotlight in international news. I hope my book can help others who have the same struggle.”

"Jade Wallace" is a lesbian erotic novel by Dr. Soma Stanford. It is published by Harlot Press and is available at beginning August 30, 2014. To learn more about Jade Wallace, visit For more information please contact the Marketing and Communications Department at Harlot Press at +1 807 738-2051.
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