Mobile Medical Exam Clinic to Bring Medical Attention in Dubai; Manufactured by Aleph Group Inc.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals impacting the community by expanding into mobile medical services with a specialty vehicle manufactured by Aleph Group Inc.

Riverside, CA, August 30, 2014 --( Mobile medical exam clinics are an ever expanding necessity for any medical industry to utilize. They enable companies to expand their services to reach a larger patient care that would ordinarily be constricted to the fixed facility. Aleph Group Inc. and Novartis will be filling a void in the community of Dubai where a mobile clinic will be making a dramatic impact. The pharmaceuticals division of Novartis is recognized worldwide for their innovative products, services and solutions they provide to patients. Novartis works to change the way medicine is practiced by delivering the right treatment to the right patient at the right time and by doing that decided to expand their boarders into a mobile medical exam clinic.

Novartis came to Aleph Group Inc. three years ago to design and manufacture a similar mobile clinic that has shifted their delivery of medical services. The newly developed mobile exam clinic’s primary purpose is to bring diabetes awareness to the community of Dubai. The problem that Novartis had was being able to attend to the patients in areas where for some circumstance could not easily obtain medical services. Aleph Group Inc. designed and manufactured a thirty six foot long mobile unit, mounted on an Isuzu chassis that will enable Novartis to easily obtain routine maintenance on the specialty vehicle. The mobile clinic was developed to accommodate for two exam rooms, waiting area, blood drawing station and attached is a wheelchair lift for handicap accessibility.

Aleph Group Inc. is proud to have partnered with Novartis and have the opportunity to make such a remarkable mobile exam clinic. AGI is passionate about making a difference in all the communities that our specialty vehicles reach and witnessing that influence from the stories our partners tell. Novartis is a returning partner, not just for our service and product quality but the drive Aleph Group Inc. has for making a difference with all our partners and their specific communities. AGI is eager to await the story of the mobile medical exam clinic and the impression it is having on the community of Dubai and the effects it is having on Novartis.

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