Rocker In Love Announces Their US Wedding Tour Open Dates and States Declared for Rocker In Love US Wedding Tour

Rocker In Love Wedding Photography is excited to announce they are traveling across the 50 states for their US Wedding Tour.!They are in love with love and their mission is to find amazing couples with great love stories that are now engaged to be married over the next 12 months throughout the United States.

Tampa, FL, August 31, 2014 --( Grasi Favoreto and Dani Correa believe there is as much beauty and uniqueness in every location as there is in every love story. Their goal is to connect the story between the location and the couple through pictures. Any interested engaged couple can apply by visiting They have created a very affordable program that is aimed to appeal to most engaged couples as their intention is to have the opportunity to photograph a wedding in each state.

Grasi and Dani believe that just as cupcakes are not all the same, a wedding dress is much more than a white dress, and that decorations are not only about flowers, then welcome to their world and have fun because there is also a difference between wedding photographers. They are Brazilian and they love the fun and alive concept.! Don’t expect obvious poses, colors, typical scenery or stale compositions. They search for natural, real beauty so their art is as multi-emotional as love can be.

About Rocker In Love:
With degrees in Journalism and Cinema, owners Grasi Favoreto and Dani Correa have been sharing their creative gifts with the world since 2006. They attribute their style to their surrounding versatility and exposure to art, music and different cultures throughout their lives.

It's not only about the rock n’ roll music… it could be samba, drum n’ bass, salsa, soul, or rap. It’s about a rock n'roll attitude, positive energy, confidence and fun. The wedding industry is full of must do's & should haves… before you realize it, there you are in your wedding photos and video with nothing personal in them. Their rock'n attitude (with glam if you wish) is quite important to identify yourself in all the little sweet and special details, so you can feel comfortable and welcome your loved ones to celebrate.

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