Firm is Taking Change Management to a Tangible Level with Extraordinary Office Interiors, Business Furnishings in Toronto

Toronto, Canada, August 31, 2014 --( Jack Welch, the CEO and chairman of GE, once warned other people that it’s important to “change before you have to.” Hence, many organizations try to stay ahead of the game in terms of change management when it comes to repositioning workplace environment and embracing new business realities. One of the ways this is occurring in Toronto and the surrounding communities is with the help of Mayhew, an interior design firm with a reputation for creating extraordinary office interiors and suggesting business furnishings.

The litany of Mayhew’s spectacular office interior cases studies runs the gamut from small to large corporations representing a variety of industries, such as a healthcare, manufacturing, education and government. In all cases, Mayhew’s team of interior designers was able to help the client foster an atmosphere of positive change. Thus, the change became not only manageable, but desired, by employees who were privy to the process, as well as the end-result.

Mayhew doesn’t just preach change management. It also practices it as part of its own corporate culture. Says Marcia Mayhew, President and CEO of Mayhew, “We have always seen ‘change management’ as a necessary part of staying competitive in this area of globalization. Our own headquarter recently went through a complete facelift to bring our workspaces from super-functional to super-responsible. Everyone at Mayhew has a sense that when the future arrives, along with new technologies, we’ll be ready to embrace it. That offers a sense of excitement that’s very palpable among our employees.”

As Marcia Mayhew explains, changing people’s workspaces using proven project management techniques can lead to improved engagement among team members and increased productivity through the change process. Consequently, Mayhew considers every client a partner with whom any impending changes can be successfully managed. Their professionals employ a 5-step process to eliminate any undesirable effects related to interior design change: Discovery, Information Sessions, Orientation, Open House and Post-Occupancy Feedback.

Though change is touted to be one of the least favorite experiences among human beings, Mayhew’s 5-step process toward managing it the right way may just turn this belief on its head.

About Mayhew
Headquartered in Toronto, Mayhew has a longstanding reputation of total customer satisfaction through exceptional customer service, value, excellence and sustainability. For more information about the company, please visit them online.
Maurice Benatar