Gulf Coast Educators Insurance Dispels Flood Insurance Myths

Naples, Florida Based Insurance Agency answers important flood insurance questions.

Naples, GA, August 31, 2014 --( Most Florida residents are well exposed to hurricane preparedness information during hurricane season. One of the top items is to have adequate home owners insurance. However, experience from past hurricane disasters forget to mention the importance of flood insurance and how it is separate from property insurance policies.

“If a Florida homeowner doesn’t have Flood Insurance, standard insurance policies do not cover damage from storm surge or heavy rains from a flood related weather event, which means that they will be responsible for the entire cost of repair from flood damage and thus puts them at risk for financial hardship,” states Ron DeFreitas, owner/operator of Gulf Coast Educators Insurance.

Floods are actually the most common natural disaster in the United States. Many Florida homeowners are under the impression that if their home gets flooded, that federal disaster assistance will pay for the damages. “Federal disaster assistance typically is a low interest loan that helps cover damage costs, and not compensation for your losses. Additionally, those loans are only available if the president formally declares a disaster and it must be repaid,” adds DeFreitas.

Another frequently asked question is if homeowners need flood insurance if they live in a low-risk flood zone. While flood insurance is not federally required, anyone can be vulnerable to flooding. According to, 25% of all National Flood Insurance Program claims are from people mapped outside of high-risk flood areas.

Florida property owners are also subject to flood zone map changes. Flood risk can, and does, change over time. These changes happen because of new developments, changes in levees, and environmental changes. If consumers are uncertain of what zone their home or apartment resides, it is recommended that they call Gulf Coast Educators Insurance so that they are aware of their flood risk and find out when new flood maps will be available.

Some floods are not always a disaster and can be the result of broken sewer lines or a rainstorm. If these cases, federal assistance flood insurance will not cover a homeowners damage. “There is a 30-day waiting period before a flood insurance policy becomes effective, so it’s important to talk with a trusted insurance agent as soon as possible,” says DeFreitas.

The Horace Mann based insurance agency, Gulf Coast Educators Insurance, offers homeowners insurance, property insurance, condominium insurance, renters insurance, and flood insurance in the Southwest Florida region. The expert insurance agents also provide auto insurance, life insurance and financial services for educators and non-educators alike. Gulf Coast Educators has three convenient locations to choose from in Naples, Florida, Port Charlotte, Florida and Fort Myers, Florida. Consumers can call (239) 591-0963, (941) 391-5423, or (239) 997-0420 or visit them online at for a Free Quote.
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