Tennessee Author Releases Third Book in His Epic Fantasy Series Tthe Fovean Chronicles - "Indomitus Oriens"

Nashville, TN, August 31, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Author, Robert W. Brady is pleased to announce the release of third book in his epic fantasy series, The Fovean Chronicles - "Indomitus Oriens."

To say that Randy Morden had an effect on Fovea is an understatement. More than ten years after his arrival, the Fovean High Council is in a shambles, the supremacy of the Uman-Chi is a memory, and Eldador is an Empire, not a kingdom.

An Uman-Chi girl finds herself with a song to sing, a song which is a gift from the goddess Eveave. When she sings it, another call will come to Earth, a new call for two new champions, a young girl and an old man, for the world where magic is used like technology, and technology is just starting to appear.

Now War is about to rage across Fovea, and the greedy Eldadorian government is at the center of it. These two champions from Earth have a decision to make - one not so easy as they might think:

Which side are they on?

Travel with Bill and Melissa in the footsteps of the Conqueror and the shadow of the Wolf, and ask yourself: how do you fight the invincible warrior, especially considering that your failure is already foretold?

Book one, "Indomitus Est" (ISBN:978-0979367908) was released in March 2012 and book two, "Indomitus Vivat" (ISBN: 978-0979367960) was released in August 2012. All three books are available in both print and ebook format.

Book Information:
Indomitus Oriens
Book 3, The Fovean Chronicles
Author: Robert W. Brady
ISBN: 978-0979367939
Published: May 2014
Pages: 418
Genre: Epic Fantasy

About The Author:
Robert W. Brady, Jr. is the author of 'The Fovean Chronicles." Born in Connecticut in 1964, he graduated from University of Connecticut in 1986. He worked his way through college as a construction worker, an infant swimming instructor, a bartender, a waiter, a secretary, the manager of a dry cleaning store a security guard and a model. While in college, he began the first version of the 'The Fovean Chronicles.' After college, he lasted exactly three months in the insurance industry as an Assistant Annuities Analyst, and then enlisted in the Naval Nuclear Power Program. He served in the Navy from 1987 - 1994, receiving the Navy Achievement Medal, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, the Southeast Asia Service Medal, and Good Conduct Medal during the Gulf War. He was certified as an Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, a Reactor Operator, a Radiological Controls Shift Supervisor and achieved a rank of Petty Officer First Class while serving onboard the USS Truxtun, CGN-35 and the USS Cape Cod, AD-43. He has two children, Billy and Jennifer. He and both of his children are born on the same day of different months.Billy also served in the US Navy, following in his father's footsteps. Since leaving the Navy, he's been in sales, pest control, auto repair and .Net programming. He ran his own company specializing in add-on software and then sold it to focus more on his writing. He's very involved in animal rescue, and has two dogs, a cat and two horses which he's rescued and rehabilitated. Although born in Connecticut, he has lived in Orlando, FL; Bremerton, WA; San Diego, CA; and then for the last fourteen years back in Florida. He currently resides on a horse farm in Tennessee.

For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the author at:
Robert W. Brady
Email: bob@theguf.com
Website: http://www.swordsandsorcery.com
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Robert W. Brady