Nebraska Author R.S. Embach Releases Two Fantasy Novels in One Year and is Working on His Third

Nebraska author, R.S. Embach is pleased to announce the promotion of his two fantasy novels, "The Chronicle of Casaara" and "Kings of Qapra." "Kings of Qapra" is the first book in the new epic fantasy series, The Seventh Age.

Omaha, NE, September 04, 2014 --( Book Information:
"The Chronicle of Casaara"
By R.S. Embach
ISBN: 978-1492336785
Pages: 308
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

A world in torment. An Absent Guardian. A girl led by Fate.

Awakened in a forest with no recollection of her past, and led by ominous visions of the grave future of a dying world, Casaara must embark on an epic journey to prevent the encroaching apocalypse. Together with her warrior allies Yoralt and Dharig, and youthful healer Euhn, she must race against the sands of time to secure the blessings of the seven Guardians of Creation before the evil heir to the heavenly throne claims them for himself - and the Spirit of Life is extinguished forever.

Darkness is swallowing the light...

Book Information:
"Kings of Qapra"
Book One, The Seventh Age series
ISBN: 978-1499156553
Published: April 2014
Genre: Epic Fantasy

The unstoppable forces of Qapra—led by a crafty priest bent on the reclamation of the Relics of the Third Age, and a bloodthirsty warmonger driven by an unquenchable thirst for power—have reignited wars against the kingdoms of the sixth moon of the ringed planet Saccris. All that stand between the forces of evil and the resurgence of unrelenting darkness are an exiled queen and her unborn child. With but a handful of allies, and innumerable enemies at her back, Aiyla must reach safe sanctuary before all hope is lost, and the inhabitants of Sunos are plunged into eternal despair.

Both books are available in print and ebook format.

About The Author:
R.S. Emblach is a 33-year old regular guy from Omaha, Nebraska who still has no real idea of what he want to be when he grow up. He has always enjoyed creative writing, and finally decided to write a book.

Currently he has little time to write as he has a regular "day job" working at one of the local casinos, but ideally he would like to one day make it as a writer full time. A man can dream...

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R.S. Embach
R.S. Embach
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