Glogster Shakes Up Mobile Learning with New iPad App

The digital learning experts at Glogster, in cooperation with educators around the world, are poised to release the long-awaited Glogster iPad app, built from the ground up for a truly exceptional learning experience.

Boston, MA, September 04, 2014 --( After months of beta testing and rising excitement, Glogster is ready to release its brand new digital learning solution, built from scratch for the iPad. The app has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from a worldwide team of beta testers and attendees of prerelease conferences. “I have used Glogster in the classroom with laptops before,” says language teacher Rebecca Crossley, “but I must say that I found the iPad experience superior and I’m sure learners will go far with the Glogster iPad app.”

With statistics showing an exponential increase in the use of tablets for digital learning, Glogster has harnessed the internet’s power as a research tool with an integrated web browser and intuitive editing functions. While Glogster’s online product and the new application both offer access to Glogpedia and a tool for contributing content, the comparison is like that between a knife and a laser - both are capable of the same function, but the new product opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

“Modern learners deserve an engaging resource through which they can discover not only a world of information, but also a real love of learning,” says Martin Santorcl, Glogster Co-Founder and creator of Glogpedia, “We believe that through the iPad application, Glogpedia will fulfill this across ages, disciplines, and on a worldwide scale.”

The app focuses on the content-rich Glogpedia library, where users can browse, save and edit top-quality resources hand-picked from around the world. Glogster estimates that the app’s enhanced editing functionality will significantly accelerate the average number of glogs submitted to the library, expanding Glogpedia from a collection of over 8,000 high-quality glogs to a complete cross-disciplinary collaborative learning resource.

Glogster™ is a leading name in digital learning, founded in 2007. The Glogpedia™ library is an inspiring collection of top-quality content, pushing the limits of global learning standards.

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