Quitgate.com, a Leading Quit Smoking Aid Retailer, Praises the New CVS/Pharmacy on Its Major Health Focused Move

After announcing in February, 2014, its decision to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by October 1, CVS has not only fulfilled its promise but has done so one month ahead of time and moved a step further to change its name to CVS Health better reflecting its purpose of optimizing health outcomes.

Plainfield, NJ, September 05, 2014 --(PR.com)-- As hopes and doubts arose about the retail giant CVS, meeting up with its February, 2014 decision to stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products, the health care leader has silenced critics and made supporters proud. Every day well-meaning people and even big names such as President Obama have earlier applauded CVS on its noble decision towards optimizing health outcomes; however there have been skepticisms concerning the of the fulfilment decision and insinuations that CVS might replace cigarettes and tobacco products with e-cigarettes.

Staying true to its integrity, the retail giant has reiterated its strong stance towards optimizing health outcomes in several great ways; CVS made sure it was not dissuaded in its conviction to stub cigarettes and tobacco products from its shelves, it worked tirelessly to carry out this noble, globally commendable and one of its kind decision a full month ahead of time. Taking it a step further, it changed its long known name of CVS Caremark to CVS Health to reflect its beliefs.

CVS Health has set a standard for not only retail giants and pharmacies in the United States to follow but the world at large. In a fast paced global space where the populace is increasingly tilting towards a healthy lifestyle, the decision of CVS Health has further encouraged more people to make great moves towards improving their health. The trust on CVS of tobacco users who truly intend to stop smoking cigarettes would have been consolidated.

The hopes of tobacco control campaigns were raised by the earlier decision and have now been strengthened by the final implementation. “I am totally proud of CVS Health, under the leadership of the chief executive officer Larry Merlo on the life changing, record setting and challenging move towards posterity,” says Emmanuel Odiase, Founder/CEO, Quitgate.

In the midst of uncertainties, CVS Health has some out strong to prove to the world that great things are possible. Emmanuel Odiase, furthermore has said "I use this opportunity to encourage the retail giant to be steadfast and unshakable in the long term and to avoid any ideas, appearances and/or considerations about introducing e-cigarettes as a quit smoking aid on its shelves in case there are any side pressures."

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